Audi Canada

Alexander Buk

Alexander Buk was innate on Apr 2, 1971 in Pfullendorf. He is married and has 4 children.

Following his studies of business government and engineering, he began his career in code logistics in 1998 as a pre-planner for AUDI AG in Ingolstadt.

In late 1999, he changed to a Northern Europe sales region, where he was obliged for product and cost planning.

As of 2001, he was a sales manager ancillary several markets in a Europe sales region, starting in Eastern Europe and after in a Spanish market.

At a commencement of 2005, Mr. Buk changed to his initial government position in SUV/crossover product marketing. After a successful launch of a Audi Q7, he returned to a Europe sales segment in mid-2006 and hold several positions as area manager for a Southern Europe and Eastern Europe regions until mid-2013.

In May 2013, Alexander Buk changed to a Germany sales segment and was allocated Audi Sales Manager for a German market.

Since Oct 1, 2016, Alexander Buk has been Head of Central Sales Planning and Management. In this position, he reports directly to a Board of Management Member for Sales and Marketing.