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Alexander Sims finishes a Mexico City E-Prix in fifth position after clever liberation performance.

Mexico City. A crafty competition devise and an equally efficient
opening from a BMW i drivetrain helped Alexander Sims (GBR) to
pierce adult 13 places during a Mexico City E-Prix (MEX) and finish the
fourth competition of a ABB FIA Formula E Championship deteriorate in fifth
position. He also claimed an additional indicate for a fastest path of the
race. Sims is now in second place in a drivers’ championship with
46 points, usually one behind new personality Mitch Evans (NZL, Jaguar), who
won a competition in Mexico. BMW i Andretti Motorsport stays during a top
of a group standings, with 71 points.


No-one had approaching such a crafty outcome after a subordinate session
ended. Sims and Maximilian Günther (GER) struggled to find a perfect
set-up and had to be calm with starting from 18th and 16th
positions on a grid. Sims gathering a crafty competition right from a start,
handling his appetite pot unequivocally good as he progressed gradually
by a field. Fifth place and a fastest path of a competition were
his usually prerogative for a unblemished expostulate and an glorious strategy.
Günther had some-more problems as he battled to claim himself in the
midfield and finished a competition in eleventh place.


Reactions to a Mexico City E-Prix:


Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director):

“Congratulations to Alexander Sims and a whole BMW i Andretti
Motorsport Team on this illusory liberation opening to finish fifth
after starting 18th on a grid! After a beating of
qualifying, we done a right decisions for a race. We opted for a
discreet proceed with a appetite in a BMW i drivetrain and, unlike
a rivals, we did not make any mistakes. Unfortunately, things did
not go according to devise for Maximilian Günther this time and he got
hold adult in some midfield battles. The fact that Alexander gathering the
fastest path of a competition shows usually how quick a BMW iFE.20 can go. We
have hold on to initial place in a group standings and Alexander is
second in a drivers’ championship. That all means that we are
feeling good as we leave Mexico City. Many interjection to a Mexican fans
and a organisers for this unimaginable atmosphere in a stadium.
Just saying it is adequate to give we crow bumps.”


Roger Griffiths (Team Principal BMW i Andretti Motorsport,
group standings: 1st place):

“After a bad subordinate result, we can be some-more than gratified with
a fifth place for Alexander Sims. He gave an superb performance
after starting a competition so distant back. Thanks to him, we have extended
a lead in a group standings and we are unequivocally tighten to initial place in
a drivers’ championship. That is a unequivocally certain approach to finish the
weekend. Unfortunately, things didn’t go good for Maximilian Günther
all day. Now he has to write a weekend off and demeanour ahead.”


Alexander Sims (#27 BMW iFE.20, starting position: 18th place,
competition result: 5th place, points: 46, motorist standings: 2nd place):

“After this subordinate session, a competition itself was a vital challenge
for us. However, we were means to save most some-more appetite than a rivals
in a initial territory of a race, that we were means to use after for
a chase. we had a unequivocally crafty automobile during a race. Overall, it is
illusory to finish a competition day that had started in such a
unsatisfactory approach with such a good result.”


Maximilian Günther (#28 BMW iFE.20, starting position: 16th
place, competition result: 11th place, points: 25, motorist standings: 8th place):

“That was not a day. Firstly, we will have to take a demeanour during what
went wrong. For whatever reason, we usually did not have a speed
compulsory in qualifying. Things did not urge for me in a competition – in
contrariety to Alexander, who unequivocally constructed a good catch-up
performance. At a moment, we can usually assume as to a base cause,
though there is no indicate doing that. We will analyse all in detail
and see what we can do better.”


The BMW i Safety Cars.

BMW i is “Official Vehicle Partner” of a ABB FIA Formula E
Championship in Season 6. Spearheading a swift are dual Safety Cars:
The BMW i8 Roadster Safety Car (combined fuel consumption: 2.0 l/100
km; total appetite consumption: 14.5 kWh/100 km; total CO2
emissions: 46 g/km)*, that has been specifically mutated for use during the
racetrack, and a BMW i8 Coupé Safety Car (combined fuel consumption:
1.8 l/100 km; total appetite consumption: 14.0 kWh/100 km; combined
CO2 emissions: 42 g/km)*. The BMW i swift also includes a BMW i3s
(combined fuel consumption: 0.0 l/100 km; total appetite consumption:
14.6-14.0 kWh; total CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)* as “Race Director
Car”, a BMW 530e (combined fuel consumption: 1.8-1.6 l/100 km;
total appetite consumption: 14.5-13.8 kWh/100 km; total CO2
emissions: 40-36 g/km)* in a purpose as “Medical Car” and a BMW X5
e45 (combined fuel consumption: 2.0-1.7 l/100 km; total energy
consumption: 23.5-21.3 kWh/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 46-38
g/km)* as “Rescue Car”.