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All Bug all a time: The Beetle Collection from Volkswagen

Few automobile enthusiasts can reason a candle to Beetle fans—they usually can’t get adequate of their dear Bugs. Since they can usually expostulate one during a time, we’re always perplexing to come adult with ways to assistance them incorporate even some-more Beetle into their lives. Enter the Beetle Collection from DriverGear, a usually strictly protected Volkswagen sell supplier.

DriverGear works directly with a Volkswagen domicile in Germany to import name equipment to a U.S. Need a Beetle shawl to finish your summer wardrobe? How about a tumbler emblazoned with a Beetle conformation to sip your morning joe while on a go? Or maybe a “Beetle Parking Only Sign” as a accessible sign to your neighbors to stay out of your car’s spot? And what would be improved for holding a keys to your genuine Beetle than a mini leather Beetle trustworthy to a immaculate steel pivotal ring? No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got we covered. Just conduct over to DriverGear to find all this and more, afterwards emporium to your Beetle-loving heart’s content.

Tell us: what’s your favorite Beetle accessory?

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