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Santa Fe receives Highest Residual Value in a category from ALG

Earns IIHS Top Safety Pick joined with NHTSA 5-star pile-up ratings

COSTA MESA, Calif., Dec 5, 2012 – Hyundai Motor America currently expelled pivotal sales metrics and early customer demographics from a rarely successful launch of a all-new 2013 Santa Fe CUV. Last week, Santa Fe perceived ALG’s prestigious Highest Residual Value for a Midsize Utility Vehicle segment, substantiating marketplace expectations for aloft value retention, both off-lease and in a pre-owned car market. Equally impressive, Santa Fe has warranted an IIHS Top Safety Pick recommendation as good as top-ranked 5-star NHTSA pile-up ratings, indicating glorious crashworthiness in several vicious collision categories.

“Santa Fe is enjoying superb consumer direct with a new, higher-demographic CUV buyer, aloft transaction prices and top-ranked pile-up reserve ratings from a many reputable reserve agencies,” pronounced Michael O’Brien, clamp boss of corporate and product formulation for Hyundai Motor America. “Santa Fe play inventories are branch during a sprightly 30-day pace, and we are really gratified with a new, upmarket category of buyers captivated to a multiple of fluidic sculpture design, well-developed value, interior coherence and superb reserve credentials.”

Even with Santa Fe’s superb reserve ratings, quell weights sojourn class-leading, a advantage of Hyundai’s vital use of high-tensile steel in specific constructional areas of a platform.

Early inner Hyundai customer studies for a 2013 Santa Fe prove a younger customer than a prior Santa Fe by scarcely 5 years, with 36 percent aloft income. It is also attracting some-more prepared buyers than a compress CUV shred in that it competes.

In terms of in-market shopper demand, Santa Fe has surged over a past few months given a introduction of a new model, according to a selling analytics organisation Kantar Compete. Further, according to TrueCar studies measuring a cross-section of shopper direct on a accumulation of shopping-oriented websites, Santa Fe direct is adult 67 percent over a prior model. Using attention register information from, Santa Fe has a fastest days-to-turn rate (30 days) in a shred by a vast margin.

Santa Fe sales for a early launch period, Sep by November, are outpacing year-over-year sales for a prior indication Santa Fe by scarcely 15 percent, even but a advantage of a soon-to-be-released, incomparable 3-row Santa Fe. The new three-row, seven-passenger Santa Fe pattern done a universe entrance during final week’s 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show, fasten a two-row, five-passenger Santa Fe Sport. The new three-row Santa Fe will be on sale early 2013.

Santa Fe Model Line Sales Volume

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