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All-New Ford Focus Electric: The Most Maintenance-Free Ford Ever

Ford Focus Electric
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  • Ford Focus Electrics fewer relocating involuntary tools scarcely eliminates scheduled maintenance, saving drivers time and money
  • No oil changes means Focus Electric drivers will save during slightest $450 and 7.5 hours over a life of a car
  • Checking a tire vigour and stuffing a windshield washer liquid is about all many Focus Electric drivers will need to do

Focus Electric Eliminates More Than Two Dozen Components That Require Regular Servicing Over a Life of a Vehicle

Ford Focus Electric: Having Less Saves You More (PDF)

CHICAGO, Feb. 9, 2011 When it comes to frequently scheduled maintenance, a Ford Focus Electric will be a easiest automobile to possess that Ford Motor Company has ever built.

Because a Focus Electric does not have a required piston engine or an involuntary or primer transmission, a drivers will call goodbye to such things as oil changes and tuneups a unfolding many other motorists can customarily dream of.

About all a motorist will have to do is assign adult a battery container and go, pronounced Sherif Marakby, Fords executive of foundation programs and engineering.

Focus Electric eliminates some-more than dual dozen involuntary components that would routinely need courtesy during a life of a vehicle. The thespian rebate in relocating involuntary tools is a pivotal reason because consumers cannot have most to do to say a Focus Electric.

No matter how prolonged they possess a automobile or how many miles they expostulate over a years, Focus Electric drivers will never:

  • Wait in line for oil changes
  • Experience a nuisance of a worn-out muffler, radiator hose or twisted belt
  • Have to change unwashed atmosphere filters, fuel filters or delivery fluid
  • Replace hint plugs, O2 sensors and radiator coolant

When we have relocating parts, such as a gears in a delivery or a pistons in an engine, we have maintenance, Marakby said. With an electric drive, there are really few relocating parts. And in a Focus Electric, a customarily relocating tools are a engine and a wheels.”

More income in your pocket
Focus Electrics minimal upkeep mandate saves drivers time and money. Oil changes denote how.

For a gas-powered 2012 Focus, Ford recommends oil and filter changes each 10,000 miles. Thats a $29.95 pursuit during a Ford Quick Lane use center. And it customarily takes about 30 minutes. Over a 10-year, 150,000-mile life of a vehicle, those 15 oil changes cost $449.25 and 7.5 hours.

Because a Focus Electric cannot use those 75 quarts of oil and 15 filters, a impact on a sourroundings is also lessened.

Over a life of a car, Focus Electric drivers also cannot need to spend time and income to:

  • Replace 5 atmosphere filters during a cost of $24.95 each
  • Have dual cooling complement flushes during a cost of $109 each
  • Get one delivery service, $179
  • Replace one expostulate belt for $130
  • Buy and implement one new set of hint plugs for $69.95

Regular upkeep for a Focus Electric will embody of tiny some-more than checking a atmosphere vigour in a tires and gripping a windshield wiper fountainhead surfaced up. Longer term, a cars stop pads and shocks might need replacing, along with tires.

Fords energy of choice
Electrification is an critical square of Fords altogether product sustainability strategy. Fords assertive plan includes a launch of 5 new electrified vehicles in North America by 2012 and Europe by 2013. In further to Focus Electric, Ford launched a Transit Connect Electric tiny blurb outpost in 2010 and will deliver C-MAX Hybrid, a second next-generation lithium-ion battery hybrid and a C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid in 2012. The operation of electrified vehicles allows Ford to accommodate a accumulation of consumer pushing needs.

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