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All-New Hyundai i30 Fastback N: Hot coupe pattern with N pushing fun


  • The All-New i30 Fastback N combines worldly and superb pattern with a proven N fun-to-drive factor
  • It is a initial five-door prohibited coupe in a C segment
  • Hyundai’s second high-performance indication delivers refreshing pushing fun like a i30 N five-door, that has been intensely successful given a marketplace launch a year ago
  • The new automobile comes with a sporty N coming in a interior and exterior, as good as new extraneous colours
  • High-performance facilities subsequent from a i30 N five-door make a visitor an bland sports automobile that is race-track capable

October 2, 2018
– Hyundai Motor is fluctuating a N operation with a All-New Hyundai i30 Fastback N, charity a second high-performance indication for a European market. The new automobile is a initial five-door prohibited coupe in a C segment. The sophisticated, superb pattern of a i30 Fastback mix with a refreshing opening and fun-to-drive facilities of a i30 N five-door. This creates a visitor a race-track means bland sports car.

“The All-New i30 Fastback N is a stylish several of a i30 N five-door, done to broach extent pushing fun to a business in a worldly design,” says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product during Hyundai Motor Europe. “It’s a initial five-door prohibited coupe in a compress automobile shred and a newest performance-oriented indication in a European N range, looking to attract some-more new business and let them feel a N feeling.”

Hyundai has grown a N operation according to a same truth as for a racing cars. The name ‘N’ represents twin critical components. First, Hyundai Motor’s tellurian RD Centre in South Korea’s Namyang district, where a thought was born. Second, a Nürburgring, one of a many severe racetracks in a universe and home of Hyundai’s Testing Centre, where a N models are honed. The N trademark itself symbolises a chicane, a ultimate dilemma where a high-performance N models have been serve grown and tested. Since a pregnancy in 2015, a N operation has achieved during a tip level, subsequent in a Nürburgring’s VLN series, a TCR International Series, a Pirelli World Challenge, and a tiresome Nürburgring 24-hour continuation race. The i30 N five-door, that came on to a marketplace in a summer of 2017, achieved serve per sales: it has exceeded initial sales expectations. Almost 3,000 i30 N five-door units were sole in a initial half of 2018 in Europe, with 100 units of a First Edition sole out in Germany in only 48 hours.

As partial of Hyundai’s i30 range, a latest indication is a subsequent fun-to-drive automobile for enthusiasts due to be accessible opposite Europe by a finish of 2018. It sports singular high-performance pattern features, such as a front bumper, good famous from i30 N five-door, a back spoiler with silken black colouring, a singular back fender including a triangular-shaped back haze lamp, amalgamate wheels as good as a N side sill. Besides all these pattern elements that seductiveness to a driver’s eye, a engine accelerates in line with a driver’s heartbeat. The appetite outlay of 250 PS in a Standard Package or 275 PS in a discretionary Performance Package will move a smile, a N Grin, to a customer’s face when seated behind a i30 Fastback N’s steering wheel.

Sophisticated pattern with absolute intent

The new automobile is characterised by a hot, performance-focused appearance. It incorporates a physique form of a i30 Fastback with a clever stance, charismatic front and sleek, teardrop-shaped cabin. To emanate a initial prohibited five-door coupe in a C segment, a All-New i30 Fastback N comprises N model-specific opening pattern facilities – introduced with a i30 N five-door.

Distinguishing elements that underline a N demeanour are a singular front bumper, joined with a distinguished Cascading Grille. The family’s identity, that highlights a clever sense of a car, shows clearly where a indication originates. The grille facilities a N emblem, that additionally enhances a clarity of high performance. At a front, a new indication also expresses a prohibited and sporty coming by a black bezel of a LED headlights as good as by a red-coloured sense line that contrasts visually with a bodywork.

At a rear, it is again a dynamic-looking fender that immediately catches a eye, ancillary a car’s clever shoulders. On a reduce part, a back fender is underlined by an elegantly made sense line reflecting in red. Moreover, a simply arched back spoiler integrated into a tailgate is accentuated with a silken black line. To finish a car’s charismatic impression, a triangular back haze flare is integrated into a territory between a twin twin mufflers, a dedicated pattern component of Hyundai’s high-performance range.

Finally, a All-New i30 Fastback N’s form underlines a performance-oriented sense of a car. An superb tilted roofline, a prolonged carp and a robust physique with far-reaching circle arches conclude a sports coupe’s energetic proportions. At a car’s side, a N coming is picked adult again with a 18- and 19-inch wheels’ well-developed N pattern and a black side sill of a lowered body.

The latest indication does not concede on interior roominess for a sporty and superb extraneous design. With a inexhaustible luggage ability of adult to 450 litres and a extent of 1,351 litres with a seats folded flat, a automobile offers a high day-to-day usability.

The vehicle’s interior is equally focused on loyal opening features. The centrepiece of a interior is a disdainful ‘N’ sports steering wheel, that ensures a motorist is in 100 percent control of all pushing opening facilities directly by hand. It is made with a red-coloured stitching. Pushing a evil dim steel embellished N symbol with a checkered dwindle idol on a right side allows approach entrance to a N mode. In addition, a N mode can be accessed around customised settings that turn manifest on a navigation screen. On a left, drivers can name 3 customary expostulate modes: Normal, Sport and Eco. Above a N button, drivers can activate a rev symbol to use a Rev relating control complement for softened engine control. The N trademark is positioned on a bottom of a steering wheel. The rigging change also facilities red stitching in line with a awake colour pattern and is finished with silken red steel paint. The atmosphere vents continue a sporty demeanour with red-coloured trims.

The interior is accessible with a colour multiple of Black and Red Point. The Red Point trim sets red colour accents to emanate a sporty and pointed demeanour inside a car, for instance on a seats, that are accessible in cloth or optionally in a multiple of suede and leather. Both combinations underline red stitching. The chair belts and superstar are designed in an elegant, worldly Black.

The All-New i30 Fastback N is accessible in a series of sparkling extraneous colours, permitting business to serve demonstrate themselves by selecting colours such as a mature Shadow Grey, a new model’s disdainful colouring. In addition, a operation includes Polar White, Phantom Black, Engine Red, Performance Blue and Micron Grey.

With a breadth of 1,795 mm and a length of 4,455 mm, a new automobile has a same measure as a i30 Fastback. The tallness is 1,417mm (250 PS) and 1,419 mm (275 PS), so adult to 8 mm reduce than a i30 Fastback (overall tallness 1,425 mm), serve ancillary a car’s absolute position and energetic appearance.

Powerful opening to ‘feel a N feeling’

Performance and practicality for both civic travelling and lane pushing are good offset in a All-New i30 Fastback N. Its high-performance record delivers fun to expostulate each day, creation a driver’s heart kick faster when seated behind a wheel. It leads to full precision, control, reserve and durability. State-of-the-art high-performance facilities can be effectively sum to yield a well-spoken and tranquil ride. The high-performance pattern can be set away by a driver, depending on a pushing mood.

This is because a Hyundai N models have been versed with a N Grin Control system. It allows drivers to name from 5 opposite expostulate modes by regulating a dedicated buttons on a steering wheel. The opposite settings – Eco, Normal, Sport, N and N Custom – change a sense of a car, adjusting several pushing parameters.

The new automobile is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, that offers twin opposite appetite outputs in multiple with front-wheel drive. Customers can name between a Standard Package engine, that delivers 250 PS (fuel expenditure combined: 7.7 l/100 km; CO2 combined: 176 g/km*), and a Performance Package engine with a extent appetite outlay of 275 PS (fuel expenditure combined: 7.8 l/100 km; CO2 combined: 178 g/km*). Both variants beget a extent torque of 353 Nm. The automobile has an overboost duty that is activated as shortly as extent torque is achieved. It enables a torque to be serve augmenting adult to 378 Nm. The prohibited five-door coupe accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds* with a Standard Pack and in 6.1 seconds* with a Performance Pack. The extent speed is 250 km/h.

A accurate and well-spoken change is achieved by a six-speed primer transmission. It creates a sporty feeling by means of a reduced cadence and ensures that a motorist looks brazen to a subsequent rigging change. The appetite of a engine is eliminated directly to a rigging sight in sequence to always be prepared for changeable but any torque interruption.

True pushing enthusiasts will suffer a Performance Package of a All-New i30 Fastback N. It facilities a N Corner Carving Differential, that stands for a Electronically Controlled Limited Slip Differential (e-LSD) device, that guarantees well-developed traction. By augmenting a cornering speed, it provides a singular figure feeling when a motorist accelerates a automobile by a curve. In addition, it reduces circle trip and understeering in specific conditions. The Variable Exhaust Valve System is also partial of a Performance Package, enabling a motorist to name opposite empty sounds depending on a expostulate mode. A some-more absolute sound creates a pushing knowledge even some-more emotional. By regulating this system, drivers are means to actively control a empty valve as a sound differs with a distance of a valve opening. Fitted with a Performance Package, a new indication comes with 19-inch Pirelli P-Zero high-performance Hyundai N tyres. The Standard Package comes with 18-inch Michelin tyres.

Drivers can simply activate a rev-matching duty with a singular hold of a symbol mounted on a steering wheel. The complement enhances pushing pleasure by ancillary downshifts. It synchronises a engine’s speed to a submit missile speed for a subsequent rigging during a change process, so enabling smoother and sportier downshifts. The Electronic Controlled Suspension (ECS) serve adjusts a opening according to a mandate during cornering, accelerating and braking. Four non-static dampers, mounted on a eccentric 4 wheels and operated by a use of a solenoid valve, pledge a accurate and evident damping force control. As a result, a float and doing are softened as good as a vehicle’s altogether fortitude on a track.

Good control of a brakes is essential for a high-performance car. The i30 Fastback N is versed with floating stop callipers, designed in a particular red N look, permitting a motorist to close a stop before cornering as late as possible. It is reduction supportive than a bound calliper complement and prevents early stop fade. Air fate located during a front cold a brakes.

* CO2 emissions and fuel expenditure underneath stream WLTP contrast converted to NEDC.

Smart connectivity facilities and tip customary active safety

State-of-the-art connectivity facilities make a All-New i30 Fastback N a smart, rewarding choice. Customers can name between a Display audio complement with an eight-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen with integrated energetic rear-view camera and Bluetooth connectivity or a navigation complement with an eight-inch capacitive touchscreen. For drivers who wish to bond their smartphones with a infotainment systems, Hyundai provides both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both systems capacitate users to bond their inclination to broach and control music, write or navigation functions on-screen. Seamless connectivity allows drivers and passengers to stay connected while remaining focused on a road. To safeguard that occupants’ phones are always charged, a new indication also provides a wireless preliminary charging pad (Qi standard) for mobile phones and a USB pier located in a centre console. The specific N mode shade menu also offers customisable settings for a engine, Rev matching, empty sound and Performance Package settings.

The navigation complement comes with a seven-year giveaway subscription to LIVE services. LIVE Services offer updated information in genuine time: weather, traffic, speed cameras, fuel prices, parking conditions and online searches for points of interest, as good as Hyundai dealerships.

To approve with a tip European reserve standards a i30 Fastback N facilities Hyundai SmartSense active reserve and pushing assistance technologies: Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (standard), Driver Attention Warning (standard), Lane Keeping Assist (standard), High Beam Assist (standard) and Intelligent Speed Limit Warning.

With a high commission of Advanced High Strength Steel, a new automobile advantages from high rigidity, high impact appetite fullness and minimised exaggeration in sequence to strengthen passengers in a eventuality of a collision.

A sum of adult to 7 airbags are commissioned around a interior. Besides a 6 customary airbags (two front airbags, twin side airbags and twin screen airbags from initial to second quarrel safeguarding both motorist and passengers), a knee airbag is an additional reserve underline for a motorist in a eventuality of a frontal collision.

Technical Data and Dimensions


Gasoline engines – speeds

Gear ratios**




Wheels and tyres

Dimensions (mm)**



* CO2 emissions and fuel expenditure underneath stream WLTP contrast converted to NEDC.
**Technical information are tentative, hence theme to changes.


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