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An talk with António Félix da Costa: “With a BMW iFE.18 we’ve combined something really exciting”.

Munich. On 15th December, a opening competition in Ad
Diriyah (KSA) sees a BMW i Andretti Motorsport group get a first
deteriorate in a ABB FIA Formula E Championship underway. BMW works
motorist António Félix da Costa (POR) has famous a array from Season
1. Now, together with BMW i Andretti Motorsport, he opens a new
chapter. In an talk he talks about a considerable development
of Formula E and a new hurdles with a BMW iFE.18 in Season 5.


António, Season 5 of a ABB FIA Formula E Championship will
symbol your fifth deteriorate in a series. How has it grown given a beginning?


António Félix da Costa: “Being there from a start, it‘s been really
considerable to see a expansion and a changes in Formula E over the
march of a final 4 seasons. It started as something people didn’t
unequivocally trust in, including myself, and now it is something every
motorist wants to be a partial of. But not usually that, demeanour during how
veteran it is, how many tip manufacturers have entered, how many
fans attend, and a turn of sponsors involved. It’s unequivocally captured
a seductiveness of a motorsport world. It’s been a unequivocally massive
tour for all of us and it’s now a array that everybody takes
seriously. It’s turn really, unequivocally big.”


What changes for we privately with BMW entering as a manufacturer?


Félix da Costa: “Being a BMW works motorist in Formula E is something I
aspired to from a beginning. we hoped from deteriorate one that BMW would
be concerned one day and now, in deteriorate five, they are entering
properly. It’s indeed all of a pieces of a nonplus coming
together. It’s good when we have a devise and it works out. I’m really
looking brazen to this deteriorate – I’m anticipating we can grasp a lot together.”


How most can a championship urge with a entrance of BMW
and other manufacturers?


Félix da Costa: “One large cause for a success of a championship
was how many manufacturers would come along. BMW is a hugely
successful manufacturer around a universe and in seasons 5 and six
they will be assimilated on lane by other large players including Porsche,
Mercedes, Audi, Nissan and Jaguar. For any array to have this level
of seductiveness and joining from attention leaders is unequivocally sparkling and
suggests we have a unequivocally clever future.”


How sparkling is it to be partial of a whole new plan like the
BMW iFE.18?


Félix da Costa: “It’s unequivocally sparkling to be partial of something new.
I’m still immature and utterly uninformed with a manufacturer, so being means to
rise a new plan within a association like BMW is great. There are a
lot of tip people concerned in Munich who are unequivocally vehement to see this
new baby being innate and grow as fast as possible.”


How does it feel to expostulate a BMW iFE.18?


Félix da Costa: “The new automobile felt good from day one. The
driveability is unequivocally good. Of course, like everybody on a grid, we
were disturbed about how we would perform opposite a competitors though we
incited adult during a Valencia exam and showed we have a well-performing
and arguable car. With a BMW iFE.18 we’ve combined something very
sparkling and we can’t wait to competition it in deteriorate five.”


How most can your work during a racetrack minister to a next
generations of electric prolongation cars?


Félix da Costa: “For BMW, carrying a Formula E plan allows them to
plea themselves more. The competition programme gives them a test-bed, a
lab, for a growth of a electric drivetrain. We inspire the
highway automobile developers to unequivocally pull and go as assertive as they can
with their growth tools. we consider Formula E has already helped BMW
to set a bar with e-mobility and we consider it will assistance to lift it
even aloft in a entrance years.”


How most fun are electric highway cars to drive?


Félix da Costa: “Electric highway cars are cool, fun and sparkling and I
consider Formula E is a illusory proceed to showcase this. In Formula E we
do have to conduct a appetite to get to a finish though this is additional
proclivity to us. Our idea is to revoke appetite expenditure and if we
are training new pushing styles to do so afterwards this is something we can
take into a proceed we expostulate on a roads in bland life.”


Coming behind to racing: What are a categorical technical differences
between a BMW iFE.18 and a Gen1 car?


Félix da Costa: “The era dual automobile looks a lot nicer – it’s a
large step brazen with how unconventional and assertive it looks. On a
technical side, we have some-more energy and some-more range, that creates a car
change during a competition unnecessary. Also, we have got the
brake-by-wire system. This is a large step brazen for us as it allows
a program side to control all of a braking and deceleration of
a car, and when we stop how most metamorphosis goes behind into a battery.”


Can we greatfully explain a new manners concerning energy modes?


Félix da Costa: “During a races we will now run during 200 kW
throughout, that was a subordinate energy from final year. In
subordinate we will even have 250 kW accessible now. This year we will
also have ‘Attack Mode’: we have to go somewhat off-line to trigger
it, afterwards we have a certain volume of time that we can run with 225
kW. This will concede us to go faster, attack, urge and will encourage
people to run opposite strategies via a race.”


What are a special hurdles we as a motorist and a car
face on a slight and mostly rough travel circuits?


Félix da Costa: “Street marks are always a large plea for racing
drivers. Traditionally, we usually got to competition on one or dual a year, but
with Formula E roughly each competition is a travel track, that is an
implausible new challenge. we always desired travel circuits and even
before Formula E had good memories of winning a Macau F3 Grand Prix
twice and being on a lectern in Monaco. we unequivocally suffer going to bumpy
marks with no room for mistakes.”


What are your expectations for Ad Diriyah and Season 5 in general?


Félix da Costa: “The exam in Valencia went good for us. Topping the
timesheets gives us a lot of certainty though we need to stay humble.
Our competitors are intensely clever so we are holding a cautious
proceed to Ad Diriyah. We’re not unequivocally certain what to design from the
eventuality though we proceed it with as most strength and proclivity as we
can and afterwards we will build a goals and expectations for a season
from there.”