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Anatomy of a winner: How a Audi R8 LMS scored feat in a 24 Hours of Nürburgring

“This statistic is not usually a good success for Audi Sport patron racing, though also sends a summary to a customers,” says Chris Reinke, Head of Audi Sport patron racing. “In a vital commitments, we really rest on ‘used cars’ as good and denote a success that can be achieved with them. However, a biggest advantage to a worldwide business is a continuance of a engineering design.” The production-based GT3 foe automobile shares 50 percent of a components with a prolongation model. The ASF multi-material framework of aluminum and CFRP is constructed during a same prolongation trickery as a prolongation model, during Böllinger Höfe of Audi’s Neckarsulm site. The peculiarity of a lightweight pattern is glorious as well: a foe automobile tips a beam during merely 1,235 kilograms, though has to import 1,310 kilograms in a Nürburgring 24 Hours due to a regulations. 

The V10 engine is even roughly totally production-based. With use intervals of 10,000 kilometers and reconstruct intervals of 20,000 kilometers, a patron racing automobile creates quite careful operation probable for a teams. The power-plant in a winning automobile had already run for 5,000 kilometers before a eventuality during a Nürburgring began. The rating of a foe car, that serves to put all competitors on a identical path time level, formula in a variation: on a drum dynamometer, a V10 engine produces merely 487 horsepower during a Nürburgring on comment of a imperative atmosphere restrictor, while a prolongation indication delivers 27 percent some-more output, that is 620 horsepower. Thus, in a engine outlay ranking in a SP9 class, a Audi R8 LMS was in a final though one mark during a Nürburgring. In other words: a GT3 foe automobile that was a second-weakest in a margin due to a regulations won a foe interjection to a above-average concept. 

The Nordschleife of a Nürburgring is a 25.378-kilometer drum coaster lane that is reputable by drivers from all over a universe and keeps proof a “Green Hell” character. In annoy of these tough conditions, Audi – distinct other manufacturers – done usually teenager modifications to adjust a foe automobile to a Nordschleife. The prescribed belligerent clearway of 70 millimeters means that a GT3 sports automobile lies about one centimeter aloft above a tarmac than on other foe tracks. As a result, as good as due to a 100 millimeter slimmer back wing prescribed by a regulations, aerodynamic downforce is reduced. Even so, a sports automobile stays easy to drive. The whole group with foe engineers and drivers delivered an exquisite opening during a event. 

Other Audi patron foe cars were successful in a iconic 24-hour foe as well: Third place went to Audi Sport Team Car Collection of Marcel Fässler/Christopher Haase/René Rast/Markus Winkelhock. The cockpit of a second Audi from Phoenix Racing was filled by dual pledge drivers – Kim-Luis Schramm and Vincent Kolb – who together with dual other drivers clinched a conspicuous seventh place altogether interjection to a car’s good drivability. Four lady drivers from Team Car Collection Motorsport, who usually spasmodic foe races, on clinching 15th position in a margin of 155 entrants, demonstrated a qualities of a Audi R8 LMS as well. Like all other customers, they benefited from a many new evolution: Since 2019, a new aero package has extended doing fortitude once more. In addition, improvements have been done to boost a foe car’s continuance and coherence even further. 

So, what will occur to a foe automobile of a winners now? Audi Sport patron racing proves a tighten ties to business and sponsors in this respect, too: Audi Sport will sell a strange winning automobile to an meddlesome partner, only like a code did when feat was clinched dual years ago.

With a second 24-hour foe feat within a space of only 6 months following a successful entrance in Dubai in Jan and 13th altogether feat in a 24-hour event, a Audi R8 LMS ranks among a best models worldwide. More than a dozen manufacturers offer GT3 cars for patron racing. Another foe is entrance adult soon. Just 5 weeks after a Nürburgring, a subsequent vital 24-hour foe – during Spa – is on a calendar. Audi has won a iconic eventuality in a Ardennes 4 times given 2011.

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