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Annual General Meeting 2013 – MAN sees really good expansion opportunities in a medium

Dr. Georg Pachta-Reyhofen, CEO of MAN SE, takes an confident perspective of a company´s future. At a MAN Annual General Meeting, he conspicuous that MAN has a right products to accommodate tellurian final and ranks among a technological leaders in a ride and appetite sectors. Focusing on these fields is a judicious outcome in perspective of megatrends such as race expansion and urbanization, globalization, as good as environmental and meridian protection. “As a tellurian company, we have a event to use these trends to a advantage. Therefore, notwithstanding a now formidable and moving situation, we trust there are glorious opportunities for profitable, general expansion in a middle and long-term. We will continue to pursue this plan and take advantage of a opportunities that benefaction themselves,” conspicuous Dr. Pachta-Reyhofen during his speech.

The initial entertain of 2013 was severe for MAN. This was mostly due to a fact that a mercantile sourroundings still stays unfavorable. There has been no conspicuous liberation in business activity, a shipbuilding and blurb car sectors stability to stagnate. More certain news comes however from MAN Latin America. “In South America, there is a ray of hope: sequence intake in a initial entertain was again on a turn with a certain prior-year period,” reported Dr. Pachta-Reyhofen.

Overall, a mercantile conditions is however still not so comfortable. Nevertheless, MAN wants a shareholders to suffer a satisfactory share in a company´s success. At a Annual General Meeting, a Executive Board and Supervisory Board are therefore proposing a division placement amounting to 1.00 euro per share for a 2012 mercantile year. Based on a shutting cost of a common shares as of Dec 31, 2012, this represents a division produce of 1.2 percent.

In a middle term, a company´s expansion opportunities are however really good, as shown by a craving value comment carried out in tie with a envisaged mastery and distinction and detriment send agreement with Truck Bus GmbH, a wholly-owned auxiliary of Volkswagen AG.

Dr. Pachta-Reyhofen presented minute information on a calm and advantages of this agreement. “The partners are of a opinion that substantial synergies can be achieved by economies of range in a fields of research, growth and production. These economies of range have essentially been singular to a purchasing margin to date. The resources and competences accessible here during a Volkswagen Group should be used to optimal outcome by all of a companies. This requires a really open and effective partnership and an complete sell of information between a companies concerned. However, underneath a stream authorised conditions, this can usually be achieved with singular effects! A mastery agreement creates a authorised basement for a significantly reduction official and some-more effective collaboration.”

Regarding a opinion for 2013, Dr. Pachta-Reyhofen was incompetent to sound a all-clear during this point: “No poignant mercantile liberation is approaching during present. The mercantile sourroundings continues to be tormented by substantial uncertainty. The European emperor debt predicament is also distant from over. During a initial half of a year, a European blurb vehicles business looks set to have fewer car registrations than final year. In Brazil, by contrast, we design to see serve recovery.”

Following a low sequence intake in 2012, MAN is also awaiting a downturn in income in a Power Engineering business area in 2013. This will lead to a poignant diminution in a lapse on sales which, as things mount during present, will be usually marginally positive. The categorical reasons for this are disappearing chartering activities in a sea sector, a after-sales business that is behaving worse than expected, high rival vigour and intensely high strait supplies in a energy plant business. For a MAN Group as a whole, this means that in 2013 income will sojourn during a same turn as final year, while a handling outcome will diminution considerably. Consequently, a lapse on sales will be a good understanding reduce than a 2012 figure.

As underscored by MAN´s CEO, conspicuous business cycles have always been a partial of a company´s blurb car and engineering activities. “We are therefore really good versed to hoop this conditions and know how to deliver suitable counter-measures. We have constantly proven this in a past and have mostly emerged from an mercantile downturn stronger than before.”