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Another considerable Superpole for a BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team – Winter continue causes Assen competition one cancellation.

Assen. Saturday’s Assen (NED) movement was shorter than expected
for a FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) and a BMW
Motorrad WorldSBK Team. The afternoon’s opening competition was cancelled
due to snow. In a morning’s Superpole subordinate session, Markus
Reiterberger (GER) had clocked a third fastest time on his BMW S
1000 RR, earning himself a place on a front quarrel of a grid for
a initial time in his WorldSBK career. Lady Luck was not on a side
of his team-mate Tom Sykes (GBR), whose drifting Superpole path was
interrupted by a red flag. The British supplement eventually had to
settle for sixth place.


The dual BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team riders had shown in Friday’s
use that they are discerning during Assen. Sykes set a fastest time of
a day on his RR, while Reiterberger was fourth fastest. They then
continued where they left off in a third use event on
Saturday morning with second place for Sykes and fourth for
Reiterberger. Superpole was red flagged and finished with usually one minute
of subordinate remaining. Reiterberger was third during a time. Sykes, on
a other hand, had usually set by distant a fastest time in zone one
when a red flags appeared. As such, he had to settle for sixth place
and a second quarrel of a grid.


The start of a competition was primarily behind as sleet started to fall,
though was subsequently cancelled. The competition will be hold tomorrow at
11:00 instead of a Superpole Race while competition dual will be started as
common during 14:00.



Quotes after Saturday during Assen.


Marc Bongers, BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director: “We
brought some-more updates for a RR to Assen, that have authorised us to
take another step forward. Markus is feeling improved all a time on
a bike, and it is good to see him secure a place on a front row
for a initial time. Unfortunately, a red dwindle came during a wrong time
for Tom in Superpole – it was unequivocally going to be a illusory lap
time. We afterwards had typically crazy Apr continue in a afternoon.
There was no possibility of us going racing when a sleet started to fall.
We contingency now wish that a continue is improved tomorrow. Our idea is to
modify a good performances we have shown so distant into corresponding
formula this weekend.”


Shaun Muir, Team Principal BMW Motorrad WorldSBK
“I am unequivocally gratified for Markus to get that front row
start. It was a good, purify and plain path from him. There competence have
been a small bit some-more in there though though a front quarrel start.
Flip downside for that was Tom apparently never got a possibility to
finish his path that during a time a red dwindle came out was certainly
clearly going to be a stick position for him so that was a genuine shame.
The rest of a day has been a bit of a unresolved around day, kicking
a heels and watchful for a outcome from competition instruction that quite
righteously called a finish of a racing for a continue conditions.”


Markus Reiterberger: “I felt unequivocally good all weekend.
we am beholden to a group that we have done so most progress. Third
place in Superpole was awesome, as we have never started from a front
row. We’ve usually done a few changes before a third use session,
since it was so cold. The atmosphere heat was 0 degrees Celsius
or next during times, while a lane heat was usually 3 degrees.
It went unequivocally good and we was fourth fastest. We started Superpole on
competition tyres and a initial 6 laps were unequivocally good. We afterwards went out on
a subordinate tyres unequivocally early, that eventually worked in my
favour. When a event was suspended, we was positive of a third
mark on a front row. The termination of a competition was a empathize for the
fans here though we was overtly flattering blissful about a decision. The track
conditions were distant from ideal and it would not have been though risk
to competition underneath these conditions.”


Tom Sykes: “It was a unequivocally bizarre day deliberation the
continue though carrying pronounced that we am happy with a swell again over
a weekend. The whole BMW Motorrad WorldSBK Team is operative again in
an effective way. We got a lot of information in FP1 that enabled us
to urge a set-up of a BMW S 1000 RR. We’ve been consistently
where we indispensable to be over a march of a weekend. Superpole was
going to plan, we put a subordinate tyre in and a bike was on
rails. In a initial zone it was unequivocally easy to float and a additional grip
positively enabled me to do a few some-more things with a set-up and the
approach we rode a bike. Sure a path time would have been good and
substantially could have cumulative stick position though it is what it is. I’m
especially unhappy to start from a second quarrel since we have been
inside a tip 3 all weekend and afterwards usually got held out with the
red flag, though we am assured for a race. we wish to get a good start
and use a transparent lane to a advantage. That’s in an ideal world; I
usually don’t wish to get held adult in a turns since with a bike
set-up we are means some unequivocally good things with a framework and that’s
because we am means to do such a good path time. So we’ll try to get to the
front or into a tip 3 as shortly as we can.”