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António Félix da Costa in a points again during a initial European competition of a Formula E deteriorate in Rome.

Rome. António Félix da Costa (POR) finished ninth to collect up
some-more points for BMW i Andretti Motorsport in an eventful seventh
competition of this season’s ABB FIA Formula E Championship. Alexander Sims
(GBR) was detrimental and finished a Geox Rome E-Prix in 17th place.


As a personality in a Drivers’ Championship, Félix da Costa went out
in a initial organisation in qualifying. Although he was a fastest in that
group, he eventually had to settle for 13th place. The
initial organisation once again had to contend with a toughest track
conditions, that prevented any faster path times. Grid penalties
awarded to dual competitors saw Félix da Costa promoted to eleventh
place on a grid. The E-Prix was dangling as early as path two,
however, following a crash. It was 45 mins before a cars were
means to lapse to a lane behind a BMW i8 Coupé Safety Car.


Stuck in a pack, Félix da Costa fought tough for each position
via a race, and eventually came home in a hard-earned ninth
place. The Portuguese motorist is now second in a Drivers’
Championship, while BMW i Andretti Motorsport lies fifth in a Team standings.


Sims was struck by set-back as early as qualifying. A technical
emanate brought him to a hindrance on his drifting lap, definition he had to start
a competition from a behind of a field. He afterwards shop-worn a front of his
BMW iFE.18 on a sleazy lane on path one. After a restart, he was
handed a 10-second stop-and-go chastisement by competition control. Sims
eventually crossed a finish line in 17th place. Victory
went to Mitch Evans (AUS, Jaguar Racing).


Reactions to a Rome E-Prix:


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director):

“Formula E was as indeterminate as ever in a initial European competition of
a season. The competition was dangling again and fans were treated to a
feast of movement out on a track. António came home ninth to collect up
points again. That was all he could wish for today, though these points
could infer unequivocally profitable come a finish of a season. Alexander found
himself stranded towards a behind of a margin after technical
problems in subordinate forced him to start from final place on the
grid. He eventually finished 17th. We will now concentration on scheming for
Paris. Congratulations to Jaguar on their initial Formula E victory.”


Roger Griffiths (Team Principal BMW i Andretti Motorsport):

“The competition was a good doctrine in repairs reduction for us. Given our
starting positions, it was all about gripping António among the
front-runners in a Drivers’ Championship. We have managed that. He
is second, only one indicate behind a leader, and had a few battles in
a midfield in today’s race. The concentration by all this was always on
bringing a automobile home and scoring profitable points. Alexander could not
do most from final place on a grid, generally when he afterwards received
a penalty. Despite that, he used a competition to learn as most as
possible, looking forward to a rest of a season.”


António Félix da Costa (#28 BMW iFE.18, subordinate result:
13th place, competition result: 9th place, FANBOOST
voting: 2nd place, points: 64):

“Firstly, it is critical to have scored some points again and to
stay in hold during a tip of a Drivers’ Championship. Despite that, I
am a small frustrated, as a automobile was distant faster currently than we were
means to uncover in a race. Unfortunately, a subordinate organisation put paid
to that. It is intensely formidable to stand out of a container and to the
front of a margin in Formula E.”


Alexander Sims (#27 BMW iFE.18, subordinate result:
22nd place, competition result: 17th place, FANBOOST
voting: 16th place, points: 18)

“That was a unequivocally tough day for me. we indeed blending to a track
unequivocally good in my use sessions and was going unequivocally well, however,
a rest of a day was fundamentally busted after a technical emanate in
qualifying. Starting from final place on a grid, all we can really
do is to finish a lot of laps and learn as most as possible. we have
seen once again that an implausible volume can occur in Formula E,
that is unfit to predict. Despite all that, we am assured that
we have good pace. We only have to have one problem-free race. we will
be essay for that again in Paris.”   


The BMW i Fleet

BMW i is “Official Vehicle Partner” of a ABB FIA Formula E
Championship in Season 5. Spearheading a BMW i swift is a BMW i8
Coupé Safety Car, mutated with BMW M components (combined fuel
consumption: 1.8 l/100 km; total appetite expenditure 14.0 kWh/100
km; total CO2 emissions: 42 g/km)*. As good as a BMW
i8 Coupé, a BMW i swift also includes a BMW i3s (combined fuel
consumption: 0.0 l/100 km; total appetite consumption: 14.3 kWh;
total CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)* as “Race Director Car” and
a BMW 530e iPerformance (combined fuel consumption: 2.2-2.1 l/100
km; total appetite consumption: 13.6-13.3 kWh/100 km; combined
CO2 emissions: 49-47 g/km)* in the purpose as “Medical Car”.