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As long-term partner of Paris Photo, BMW presents vivid photographs by Emeric Lhuisset. The leader of a BMW Residency during a GOBELINS School of Visual Arts displays “The other shore”.

Munich/Paris. From Nov 7 until 10, and with a
preview day on Wednesday, Nov 6, a 23rd book of Paris Photo
will take place during Grand Palais. The satisfactory is a largest international
art satisfactory dedicated to a detailed middle and is hold each
Nov during a ancestral Grand Palais in Paris. Since 1997, its
goal is to encourage and maintain detailed origination and the
galleries, publishers and artists during a source. Paris Photo brings
together adult to 200 exhibitors from opposite a world. Emeric Lhuisset,
leader of a BMW Residency during a GOBELINS School of Visual Arts,
presents “L’autre rive” (The other shore) during this year’s
Paris Photo. BMW is central partner of Paris Photo given 2003.

The muster “L’autre rive” by Emeric
Lhuisset, leader of a BMW Residency.

Emeric Lhuisset presents “L’autre rive” during a Paris
Photo satisfactory from Nov 7 to 10, 2019. The choice of images and the
scenography are due by a photographer, underneath a artistic
instruction of François Cheval; a muster is constructed by BMW Art

The plan finished during a BMW
Continuing his thoughtfulness on refugees, after
carrying shown a origination of a conditions heading to exile, Emeric
Lhuisset wished to work with certain people that he had met in
Iraq or in Syria, and who now have turn refugees. Through his
project, a artist examines a western world’s notice of these
individuals. During a BMW Residency during a GOBELINS School of Visual
Arts, he was means to examination with and urge on different
technical processes.

At Paris Photo, he presents images from his series
Théâtre de guerre” (Theater of war), inviting
Kurdish combatants to replay their existence in dramatizations inspired
by exemplary paintings. These images of women and group in conflict make
anxiety to this heroization. A array of cyanotypes followed,
display these same women and men, a few years after as refugees after
carrying crossed a sea in hunt of a improved life. The leader chose to
use an aged process, cyanotype in sole for a blue digest –
blue, a colour of this sea where so many vanish, though also a blue
of Europe.

Because it focuses usually on a event, photojournalism is
customarily presented as a usually applicable commentary. However, an
removed eventuality does not pronounce for itself. By nature, a speed of the
event, a component of surprise, seem to conform to a supposedly
neutral qualities of a camera. Emeric Lhuisset breaks a banned of
immediacy in preference of an awareness, a fruit of joining and questioning.

François Cheval, artistic executive of a BMW Residency, on
“L’autre rive”.
“The universe is never
seen as it truly is. This creates a detailed act a many common
of illusions. That that common mortals do not know is enclosed in the
manners that we accept unanimously on a daily basis. In contrast, for
those who make photography their profession, by vocation, a time
that it provides and a means that it grants, besides any commercial
or institutional determination, consecrate a singular substrate
required for creativity.”

In a exhibition, a open will learn a video constructed by
Clothilde Royer who followed Emeric Lhuisset during a origination and
prolongation of his work, within a horizon of a means of
delivery jointly motionless by BMW and GOBELINS.

The Hahnemühle paper mill, founded in 1584, is a
partner of a BMW Residency for this project. Hahnemühle, which
produces artist’s papers for normal art techniques and Fine Art
papers, authorised Emeric Lhuisset to lift out investigate and experiments
on a papers including a prolongation of a Cyanotype prints of this
exhibition, on Hahnemühle 600g 100% string Leonardo satin pellet paper.
Through this partnership with a BMW Residency, Hahnemühle is proud
to support Emeric Lhuisset in his work and to be means to minister to
augmenting his prominence among a seasoned public.

Lewis Bush, a ninth winner, who entered into Residency at
a commencement of Oct 2019
will benefaction a initial images
of his work in swell during GOBELINS. Born in 1988, Lewis Bush is a
British photographer, writer, curator and educator. He worked for the
United Nations Organization and afterwards began to use documentary
photography in 2012. His work explores several forms of contemporary
power. John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” is Lewis’s starting
indicate in perplexing to decrypt and know a images of today. He
wants to work on “soft power” and “cultural
power”, on machines and their influence: a information they collect
but a believe and a invisible energy that they generate. He
evokes a technological expansion that appears neutral. He will attempt
to uncover a complexity of a technologies and their impacts on the
world. Lewis Bush will also rise an concentration in extended reality
in sequence to reinvent John Berger’s book.

The opening will be hold on Wednesday, 6 November, in the
participation of a winners Emeric Lhuisset and Lewis Bush, of Vincent
Salimon, Chairman of a Executive Board of a BMW Group France,
Christoph Wiesner, artistic executive of Paris Photo and a member of
a Jury of a BMW Residency, François Cheval, artistic executive of
a Residency.

Book signing of “Quand les nuages
” on Saturday, 9 Nov during 5:00 p.m.
at a BMW sales outlet. Editions Trocadero and BMW
co-published a book presenting an remove of a images constructed by
a leader of a Photographic Residency during a GOBELINS School of
Visual Arts. This book is a eighth work of a collection BMW Art
Culture clinging to a winners of a BMW Residency.

This year, for a initial time, BMW presents a BMW Art
Guide by Independent Collectors
, combined in 2012 during the
commencement of BMW and private collectors joined in their shared
passion for contemporary art and dynamic to share it with a public.
The fifth book displays 270 private collections in 45 countries and
196 cities, any charity a singular experience. BMW is gratified to offer
this singular beam to collectors of a satisfactory so that they can prolong
their experience.

BMW, Partner of Paris Photo and enthusiast of photography since
BMW is unapproachable to have been during a side of Paris
Photo given 2003. This partnership is partial of a BMW Group’s cultural
joining and is multi-faceted: The BMW Group France is an official
partner bringing required support to a peculiarity and bearing of this
internationally famous fair. Each year, a association also
highlights rising origination by producing a personal muster of
a leader of a BMW Residency shown during a Paris Photo fair.
Finally, within a horizon of ancillary a fair’s VIP program, a
swift of BMW limousines and BMW electric city cars is done available
to ride dignitaries invited by a fair.

Vincent Salimon, Chairman of a Executive Board of a BMW
Group France
underlines “BMW France has been a partner
of a Paris Photo satisfactory given 2003. The long-term prophesy which
motivates us gives a joining definition and ensures that both the
satisfactory and a winners have a intensity to emanate and to benefaction their
work to a public”.

The BMW Residency: a singular and desirous partnership.

The BMW Group has always been encouraged by a pioneering spirit
and defends a values of aesthetics and technological innovation.
Just like for photography, a qualities of agility, creativity, and
creation are essential for inventing a destiny of mobility. BMW
France therefore naturally turns to photography to offer a forum for
giveaway countenance and to encourage a presentation of talents through
disdainful support and value any year.

The BMW Residency is an rare and desirous module of
informative clientele instituted in 2011. Unprecedented, given it
strives to introduce new keys to bargain a communication between
art and record and their impact on male and society. Ambitious,
given it promotes investigation and artistic and technological
innovation. After 6 years of partnership with a Nicéphore Niépce
Museum, in 2017, BMW France gave new instruction to a BMW Residency by
initiating a partnership with a GOBELINS School of Visual Arts in
Paris, where a winners advantage from an sourroundings that is fully
focused on innovation, delivery and new technologies.

This partnership with GOBELINS opens immeasurable horizons; interjection to
a resources of a visible humanities school, a leader can concentration on all
forms of work, trimming from aged processes to practical reality. The
innovative training and experimentations of a school, the
delivery between experts, a winner, and students perfectly
simulate a truth voiced by BMW for a years to come.
Furthermore, by this support, a BMW Group is a initial company
to attend in a equal opportunities process of GOBELINS and to
encourage scholarships dictated to cover a curriculum of dual students
for 3 years.

The call for nominations for a 2020 award-winner will be
launched during a commencement of Jan 2020.

Practical information:

Exhibition “L’autre rive” by Emeric Lhuisset,
constructed by BMW Art Culture.
Paris Photo satisfactory during a Grand
Palais from 7 to 10 Nov 2019

For serve information, greatfully contact:

Prof. Dr Thomas Girst
BMW Group Corporate and Governmental
Head of Cultural Engagement


E-Mail: [email protected]

Maryse Bataillard
BMW France
Corporate Communication

+33 1 30 43 93 23

[email protected]

About Emeric Lhuisset

Educated and holding degrees in art (Ecole des Beaux-Arts de
Paris – Ensba) and in geopolitics (University Panthéon-Sorbonne /
Ecole Normale Superieur d’Ulm – Center for geostrategy). His works
have been shown in countless exhibitions around a universe (Tate Modern
in London, Museum Folkwang in Essen, Institut du monde arabe in Paris,
Musée du Louvre Lens, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Rencontres
d’Arles, Sursock Museum in Beirut, CRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Musée du
Louvre Lens…). In 2017, he won a Grand Prix Images Vevey –
LeicaPrize, in 2011 a Paris Jeunes Talents award. His work is
benefaction in countless private collections as good as those of the
Stedelijk Museum and of a Nicéphore Niepce Museum. In further to
his art practice, he teaches contemporary art geopolitics during the
Institute of Political Studies of Paris (Sciences Po).

About François Cheval

Born in Belfort in 1954 and now vital and operative in
Chalon-sur-Saône. Having complicated story and ethnology, he has curated
museums given 1982. Between 1996 and 2016, he was a executive of the
Nicéphore Niépce Museum in Chalon-sur-Saône. In this role, he set
about expelling preconceptions surrounding photography, while also
demonstrating a newness of a “photographic act”
by a uninformed proceed to museum government and communication. As an
prolongation of projects grown outward museums, he continues his work
as an artistic executive and muster curator dynamic to challenge
supposed knowledge in photography as a middle and fortify by creating
opportunities for discovery, doubt and maybe also pleasure.
François Cheval has been a artistic executive of a BMW Residency
given it was determined in 2011.

About BMW Group Cultural Engagement

For roughly 50 years now, a BMW Group has instituted and engaged
in over 100 informative cooperations worldwide. The association places the
categorical concentration of a long-term joining on contemporary and complicated art,
exemplary song and jazz as good as pattern and design. In 1972,
3 large-scale paintings were combined by a artist Gerhard Richter
privately for a corridor of a BMW Group’s Munich headquarters.
Since then, artists such as Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Daniel Barenboim,
Jonas Kaufmann and designer Zaha Hadid have co-operated with BMW. In
2016 and 2017, womanlike artist Cao Fei from China and American John
Baldessari combined a subsequent dual vehicles for a BMW Art Car
Collection. Besides co-initiatives, such as BMW Tate Live, a BMW Art
Journey and a “Opera for All” concerts in Berlin, Munich,
Moscow and London, a association also partners with heading museums and
art fairs as good as orchestras and show houses around a world. As
partial of a art programme “Muse”, Rolls-Royce partners for
a commencement “The Dream Commission” with two
internationally venerable art institutions. Together with Fondation
Beyeler and Serpentine Galleries, rising and determined artists are
invited to contention a moving-image work that delivers an immersive
feeling experience. The artists are nominated and selected by renowned
personalities of a art universe like Daniel, Birnbaum, Hans Ulrich
Obrist, Cao Fei, and Theodora Vischer. BMW Group takes absolute
artistic leisure in all a informative activities for postulated – as this
commencement is as essential for producing groundbreaking artistic work
as it is for vital innovations in a successful business.

Further information:

The BMW Group

With a 4 brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad,
a BMW Group is a world’s heading reward manufacturer of
automobiles and motorcycles and also provides reward financial and
mobility services. The BMW Group prolongation network comprises 31
prolongation and public comforts in 15 countries; a association has a
tellurian sales network in some-more than 140 countries.

In 2018, a BMW Group sole over 2,490,000 newcomer vehicles
and some-more than 165,000 motorcycles worldwide. The distinction before taxation in
a financial year 2018 was € 9.815 billion on revenues amounting to €
97.480 billion. As of 31 Dec 2018, a BMW Group had a workforce
of 134,682 employees.

The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
meditative and obliged action. The association has therefore established
ecological and amicable sustainability via a value chain,
extensive product shortcoming and a transparent joining to
conserving resources as an constituent partial of a strategy.