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Assurance, Progress and Performance from Hyundai during a 2018 Paris Motor Show


  • World premiere of a All-New i30 Fastback N, Hyundai’s newest high-performance model
  • Live on theatre alongside Motorsport cars: i30 N ‘N Option’ uncover automobile and i30 N Line, serve fluctuating Hyundai’s opening range
  • Innovative eco-mobility choice including All-New Kona Electric and NEXO
  • ‘Le Fil Rouge’ judgment automobile reflects Hyundai’s destiny pattern direction

October 2, 2018
Hyundai Motor is presenting a newest product portfolio and record initiatives in a fields of Assurance, Progress and Performance in Hall 1 of a 2018 Paris Motor Show. This year’s counter highlights will be a universe premiere of a All-New i30 Fastback N, a preview of a i30 N ‘N Option’ uncover automobile and a eco-mobility choice with a All-New Kona Electric and NEXO. Under a judgment of ‘Hyundai Motor Studio Paris’, a counter comprises 3 particular zones, representing a company’s European code plan formed on 3 core pillars: Assurance, Progress and Performance.

Debut of high-performance indication i30 Fastback N
The All-New i30 Fastback N has a universe premiere during a 2018 Paris Motor Show. It is Hyundai’s second high-performance indication in Europe and combines worldly and superb pattern with a proven N fun-to-drive factor. The initial five-door prohibited coupe in a C-segment carries a heading characteristics of a successful i30 N five-door hatchback, integrated into a singular coupe physique character of a i30 Fastback.

One week ago, a All-New i30 Fastback N demonstrated a high-performance capabilities in a universe record race. Professional Hyundai Motorsport drivers Gabriele Tarquini and Thierry Neuville pushed a automobile to a boundary in a fastest expostulate from Rome to Paris – in Denmark. Tarquini won a foe by a fragment of a second, environment a universe record time of 8:18.49 minutes.

“We started formulating a stronger romantic code picture with a successful i30 N five-door hatchback. Now we are holding a subsequent step by fluctuating a operation of high-performance models. The i30 Fastback N is singular in a category as a initial five-door prohibited coupe in a C-segment,” says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product during Hyundai Motor Europe HQ. “The absolute engine and entirely engineered framework are set to make it another in-demand indication from a high-performance range, building on a success of a i30 N five-door.”

N Option and N Line fluctuating customisation options
Another universe premiere prominence during a counter is a newly-unveiled i30 ‘N Option’ uncover car, presenting a probable opinion on high-quality extraneous and interior individualisation options for Hyundai owners. Together with a New i30 N Line, it extends a offer for business who wish to piquancy adult their i30 with some-more character and performance. Hyundai also showcases a world-leading Motorsport vehicles: a i20 Coupe WRC and i30 N TCR.

“With a N portfolio we are jolt adult a foe with opening and emotions. The growth of a N vehicles is grounded in Motorsport and a rendezvous there is a apex of N,” says Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President High Performance Vehicles Motorsport Division during Hyundai Motor Group. “The new N Line and a ‘N Option’ uncover automobile illustrate a bargain of customisation and make N accessible to a incomparable audience.”

Future mobility: Hyundai’s trail to lead a industry

Hyundai’s eco-car choice during a Paris Motor Show, including a All-New Kona Electric and NEXO, as good as a IONIQ, demonstrates a company’s pioneering suggestion in a margin of destiny mobility. With these on-going models, Hyundai offers a broadest operation of electrified powertrains in a industry.

During a new IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 in Hanover, Germany, Hyundai announced world-first skeleton to commercialise fuel dungeon electric trucks. In team-work with H2 Energy, Hyundai will yield 1,000 fuel dungeon electric trucks to a Swiss blurb automobile marketplace between 2019 and 2023. With a introduction of a world’s initial fuel dungeon electric lorry fleet, Hyundai will serve raise a tellurian care in fuel dungeon technology.

“Within 3 years, Hyundai reached a series dual position in eco-cars sales in Europe,” says Ki-Sang Lee, Senior Vice President Head of Eco-technology Development Center during Hyundai Motor Group. “We are investing heavily in building new technologies and will enlarge a offer in a eco-car shred in a future. Furthermore, we trust in a destiny of fuel dungeon record as a step towards zero-emission mobility. Therefore, we are expanding a rendezvous for a hydrogen multitude to a blurb automobile sector. An instance is a fuel dungeon electric trucks that are approaching to transport a operation of approximately 400 km in real-life pushing conditions.”

‘Le Fil Rouge’: Hyundai’s destiny pattern direction

Celebrating a entrance during this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Hyundai’s ‘Le Fil Rouge’ judgment automobile takes a theatre for a French debut. It is a explanation that Hyundai’s past, benefaction and destiny designs are connected by a common thread. This judgment automobile embodies a brand’s latest proceed in design. The “Sensuous Sportiness” thesis will be incorporated in all destiny Hyundai vehicles, trimming from sedans to SUVs.

“Hyundai’s judgment cars are a guarantee of a subsequent era of cars to come,” says Diana Kloster, Head of Hyundai Colour Trim during Hyundai Motor Company. “Concept vehicles we presented during engine shows in new years, including i-oniq, FE judgment and Intrado, have all led to genuine prolongation models – namely IONIQ, NEXO and Kona.”


About Hyundai Motor Europe
In 2017, Hyundai Motor achieved registrations of 523,258 vehicles in Europe – an boost of 3.5 per cent compared to 2016, flourishing stronger than a market. Hyundai has a youngest choice in Europe, 90 per cent of a models are reduction than dual years old. 75 per cent of a vehicles Hyundai sole in a segment are models designed, engineered, tested and built in Europe to accommodate a needs of European customers, served by a company’s endless European infrastructure. This includes dual factories in a Czech Republic and Turkey, that have a total annual ability of 600,000 units. Hyundai Motor sells cars in 31 European countries by 2,500 outlets.

Hyundai Motor offers a singular Five Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty package with all new cars sole in a region, providing business with a five-year guaranty with no mileage limit, 5 years of roadside assistance and 5 years of automobile health checks.

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