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Atlas Concept takes Ford Canada’s Social Community by Storm

Concept vehicles are used in a automobile attention to sign open greeting and acceptance of destiny designs and technologies. That being said, what an introduction a Ford Atlas Concept had when it was denounced during a Detroit Auto Show in January! A live stone rope crushed a tunes as a group of contractors welded and battered a construction backdrop – while a strong Atlas Concept lorry was lowered onto a stage. If we missed it, check out a video:


First Impressions Cause Twitter Shock

The attainment of a Atlas Concept illuminated adult a Twitter feeds of those in assemblage during a North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), and done utterly an sense in a Ford Canada community. Some even heralded a judgment for environment a new benchmark for all trucks.

Here are some tweets from attendees during a unveiling:


Facebook Fans Loved a Atlas too

The Atlas Concept exhibit also reverberated with a Facebook community, as a village managers were asked several times, “Where and when can we get one of those?”

To date, fans have left 3,067 likes, 328 Shares, and 1,076 Comments on a initial post about a lorry on Jan 15, 2013.

Being a judgment vehicle, it will not see prolongation “as is,” though a Atlas did trigger genuine fad that can be found in a comments surrounding a Facebook post, that we can check out here.

It’s transparent to us that a Ford Atlas Concept has unequivocally tender people, and set a new customary for what a lorry can and should do. We’d adore your feedback on a lorry – leave us a criticism to let us know your thoughts!