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Audi A4 once again "Best of all classes" during a Dekra-Report

Each year, a DEKRA experts endowment a pretension “Best of All Classes” to a indication with a lowest error rate opposite 3 mileage classes. Since a ranking was launched in 2008, of all brands a many arguable automobile with a fewest faults has always been an Audi. This is a second “Best of All Classes” eminence for a Audi A4; a Audi A6 warranted this fame from 2008 by 2010. The pretension underscores a considerable long-term made peculiarity of a code with a 4 rings.

As partial of a Used Car Report, that formerly went underneath a name of a Faults Report, a DEKRA contrast classification examines a peculiarity and reserve of vehicles. From a sum of 15 million cars examined, that are divided into 8 opposite categories, DEKRA creates a specific error form in 3 mileage classes for any form of car. The indication with a best normal from all 3 mileage classes is named “Best of All Classes.”

The Audi A1 is tip of a sub-50,000 kilometer mileage class, and in a 50,000 to 100,000 kilometer joint a A5, TT and Q5 are any tip of their particular segments.