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AUDI AG: Laying of substructure mill for new plant in San José Chiapa, Mexico

“With a prolongation of one of a many successful models here in Mexico, we will give poignant procedure to a tellurian expansion and supply a intensely renouned Audi Q5 from here to a universe market,” states Rupert Stadler, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG. Together with his Board of Management colleagues Frank Dreves, Bernd Martens and Thomas Sigi, a Mexican Economics Minister, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, a Governor of a Federal State of Puebla, Rafael Moreno Valle, and a Mayor of San José Chiapa, Filogonio Vargas Torres, he gave a central starting vigilance during noon currently for a construction work. “By sourroundings adult a new automobile plant in North America, we are substantiating a participation on another continent that is really critical to us. In this way, we are strengthening a general competitiveness and consistently posterior a Audi expansion strategy.”

With this new plant during an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea turn on a Central Mexican Plateau, Audi is not usually building a top factory, though also a many complicated bureau in a tellurian Audi prolongation network. On an area of 400 hectares, as vast as 400 soccer fields, a rarely fit prolongation and logistics trickery will be built by mid-2016 with an annual prolongation ability of adult to 150,000 units. In addition, a code with a 4 rings will emanate 3,800 approach jobs. The use outcome for a altogether segment should supplement adult to 20,000 jobs. “Our sign of peculiarity is ‘made by Audi.’ This guarantee relates worldwide, irrespective of where an Audi is built,” emphasizes Stadler. With a training core for a twin complement of occupational training in speculation and practice, Audi’s standards for veteran gift will play an critical role.

Audi has found an ideal sourroundings in Mexico for a investiture of a new plant to furnish SUVs, with that Audi will essentially strengthen a position in a North American market. As a overpass between a North and South American continents, a rising economy with a vast series of general free-trade agreements offers a best taxation and financial conditions, a precocious infrastructure and a high intensity of well-educated employees. “With Mexico, Audi has done a best choice to assistance it rise and secure a growth,” points out Mexican Economics Minister Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal. And Rafael Moreno Valle, Governor of a state of Puebla, stated: “Our nation and a new Audi plcae in San José Chiapa in Puebla offer a best conditions for a successful growth of a whole American market. We are unapproachable that with Audi México, a initial general reward manufacturer in a automotive attention is during home in a sovereign state.”

Mexico and Puebla design a construction of a new Audi plant to outcome in estimable follow-up investment. With a vast retailer association together to foundation-stone ceremony, Audi started a debate in Puebla during a weekend to attract pivotal suppliers to a area. 150 internationally active companies are participating.