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AUDI AG: some-more than one million sales after 8 months

“With double-digit growth, a United States and China again take a lead in Audi’s certain opening in August. We are therefore good on lane to strech a vital aim of 1.5 million deliveries this year,” says Luca de Meo, Member of a Board of Management for Sales during AUDI AG. “In Europe, there is still a clever headwind in many markets. The A3 Sedan will be launched here commencement subsequent week and will yield an additional impulse.”

In August, high direct for a new three-door A3 and a A3 Sportback brought additional business to Audi dealers. Worldwide sales of a whole A3 family rose year-on-year by 16.6 percent to around 14,150 units. For a Audi Q3, that will enter a US marketplace subsequent year, deliveries in Aug increasing by 45.0 percent to around 10,750 units. For a Q5, sales were adult 40.9 percent to around 19,800 units. Customer handovers for both of Audi’s best-selling sedans also increasing significantly final month: a notchback chronicle of a A4 by 10.8 percent to sales of about 19,100 units and a A6 Sedan by 11.0 percent to around 18,250 cars.

Beside a A6, sales from a whole full-size difficulty of a code with a 4 rings grew almost final month in a United States. Audi’s success in this prestigious shred was recently accelerated by a rarely renouned TDI purify diesel engines, accessible given Jul for all full-size difficulty models. In August, sum sales of a A6, A7 Sportback, Q7 and A8 models exceeded their year-on-year smoothness opening by 31.2 percent. Their share of sum Audi sales in a United States so accounted for 35 percent; that figure was 18 percent in 2010. With 3,845 SUVs delivered to customers, sales of a Q5 rose steeply final month (+91.6%) as well; a TDI purify diesel chronicle was also launched in a United States in July. Across all models, Audi sales in a United States in Aug climbed by 21.5 percent to 14,005 cars.

In Europe, however, a severe mercantile expansion in many countries was reflected in a sales sum for Audi. Though a year ago, a code with a 4 rings achieved clever expansion opposite a marketplace trend, a sales were down this August: reduction 3.4 percent to around 46,100 units. Since a commencement of a year, accumulative deliveries for a reward manufacturer were 2.3 percent reduce year-on-year during about 490,450 cars. Audi’s business in Europe however continues to perform some-more dynamically than a marketplace as a whole and it stays a heading reward code in a region.

As in a tellurian sales, AUDI AG distinguished another special premiere in China in August: over 300,000 sales in only 8 months. And with a accumulative boost of 19.6 percent to 312,683 deliveries given a commencement of a year, a association came to within only a few cars of a sales opening from 2011 as a whole. Over a march of that whole year, Audi had delivered 313,036 cars to business in China. In a sales month only completed, a SUV models Q3 and Q5 contributed significantly to a clever expansion of a 4 rings. Audi sole a sum of 42,778 cars in a Middle Kingdom and so 22.9 percent some-more than in Aug 2012. In a Asia-Pacific region, Audi sales were serve strengthened by markets like Japan (+12.6% to 1,935 cars) and South Korea (+47.0% to 1,852 cars).