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AUDI AG opens vehicle plant in Mexico

AUDI AG is a initial reward car manufacturer with product comforts in Mexico. “The plant in Mexico is a miracle in a story of a association and an critical step in a internationalization. It is one of a many complicated factories on a American continent. With this facility, we have determined an critical site for a trade of a automobiles to business all over a world,” settled Prof. Rupert Stadler, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG. The nation has twelve free-trade agreements with some-more than 50 countries and therefore offers ideal mercantile conditions. Mexico is a powerhouse for automobiles and automotive components.

Together with his Board of Management colleagues Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl (Production and Logistics and also Chairman of a Board of Audi México), Prof. h.c. Thomas Sigi (Human Resources) and Dr. Bernd Martens (Procurement), as good as a Governor of a State of Puebla Rafael Moreno Valle, and Mayor of San José Chiapa Josué Martínez Santos, Stadler gave a vigilance for a central start of prolongation of a new Audi Q5. “For us, this plant is some-more than a financial investment of over

one billion euros. Above all, it is a joining to a site and to a people who, together with us, have managed this good achievement,” continued Stadler.

“Our plant in Mexico is a primary instance of a Audi Smart Factory. The trickery is a initial that we have put into operation totally virtually, that is, in a mechanism simulation,” settled Audi’s Board of Management Member for Production Waltl. We have optimized a whole routine method and put a plant into operation 30 percent faster than is usual.” That was a record in a car industry.

Audi has practical state-of-the-art record in a bureau planning. The plant initial took figure in good fact in practical space, where bureau planners from several sites were means to work on a plant structure simultaneously. As a result, Audi was means to set adult a finish automobile plant with a press shop, physique shop, paint emporium and public line on an area of 400 hectares (988acres) in a record time of only 3 and a half years. Ultramodern plant apparatus and rarely fit logistics concede an annual prolongation volume of 150,000 Audi Q5 vehicles. Thanks to several H2O diagnosis methods and a focus of new technologies in a paint shop, a plant will be giveaway of wastewater. New apparatus will significantly revoke water, gas and electricity expenditure and promote resource-efficient production.

A retailer park has been determined immediately adjacent to a park. Seven suppliers and logistics providers have started operations there in time for a start of prolongation of a Audi Q5. The JIS park (just in sequence) guarantees brief distances from a suppliers’ buildings to a public line and allows punctual smoothness of components for a reward SUV. At a start of production, Audi is sourcing some-more than 70 percent of a tools from a NAFTA shred and skeleton to boost this suit of localization over a prolonged term. In total, some-more than 100 companies already supply tools for a Audi Q5 from sites in Mexico.

In line with a amicable responsibility, a association also supports a people in a region. Audi México has so distant taken some-more than 3,300 internal employees on board. Audi prepares a employees for their destiny tasks with tailored training courses during a new training center. Approximately 5,300 training courses have already been carried out. In addition, Audi has supposing allege training during a sites in Germany to some-more than 750 Mexican employees, who were assisted by gifted mentors. Audi México offers different entrance possibilities to immature gifted people, such as a complement of twin training with approximately 80 apprenticeships any year, a internship program, a EMA grant module (Estudiantes Mexicanos en Alemania) and a new Programa de Especialistas, a education module for career starters and pursuit field with initial career experience.

The new Audi Q5 combines a sportiness of an Audi sedan with a versatile impression and a rarely non-static interior. Whether in terms of connectivity, potency or motorist assistance systems, a SUV with a Four Rings sets new standards in a segment. To date, a association has delivered 1.6 million of a Audi Q5 to a business worldwide, creation a indication a many successful reward SUV in a segment. The Audi Q5 is also still constructed during locations in China and India for those internal markets.  

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