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Audi ambitiously starts a new Formula E season

With twelve teams, 24 drivers and 10 manufacturers in sum – including a 4 German reward brands, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche – fans can design to see what will arguably be a many stirring deteriorate of all time. As a Formula E initial member, Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler is holding on a aged and new rivals with a proven squad: Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi who are a usually twin to have contested all of a Formula E races together in one group and are now entering their sixth deteriorate together. “This coherence and a partnership within a well-gelled group are one of a good strengths in such a energetic and sharp-witted championship as Formula E,” says Team Principal Allan McNish.

In 2017, Audi was a initial German vehicle manufacturer to enter Formula E with a factory-backed joining and got off to a dream start of a company’s all-electric motorsport epoch by winning a teams’ sequence and finishing curtain adult in a drivers’ championship in a initial year. Following a really tighten runner-up finish in a fifth season, Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler is now entering a season’s 14 races as a challenger, and sets equally transparent and desirous goals: “Our group has been partial of a Formula E family from a really initial notation and shows an considerable lane record. Now it’s good to see some-more and some-more brands following, since a foe both on and off a lane is partial of Audi’s DNA,” says Allan McNish. “At a commencement of a new season, everybody is starting from scratch, though a goals are a same as always: we intend to conflict for a titles in a drivers’ and teams’ championships during a final races in London.” 

The Formula E joining is a ideal fit for Audi’s “Roadmap E” for a road: By 2025, a code is formulation a marketplace launch of some-more than 30 electrified models, many of them with all-electric drive. In 2018, a Audi e-tron noted a beginning, followed by a Sportback chronicle and, in 2020, a e-tron GT as a fantastic sporting counterpart. 

“Fans can demeanour brazen to a super-thrilling season. We have dual new manufacturers – Mercedes and Porsche – that will immediately be in contention, and 24 comprehensive top-class drivers,” says Lucas di Grassi. “It’s good to see Formula E apropos increasingly veteran and exciting. But this also creates it some-more formidable for all of us to win races or to even consistently bind good results. We’ve prepared ourselves as best we can and are prepared to race.” 

His teammate, Daniel Abt is certain: “One thing is clear: this will be a hardest-fought deteriorate in Formula E history. we know that’s what we contend before any deteriorate – and so distant it’s always incited out to be true. We comprehend that a guys from Mercedes and Porsche aren’t here only for fun – though conjunction are we. We’ve seen a lot in Formula E in new years and are now going to give a all to finish during a really tip again. Everyone in a group is looking brazen to a hurdles of a arriving months.”