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Audi and EKS to start as leaders of a standings in Portugal

Following his feat in a deteriorate opener during Barcelona, World Champion Mattias Ekström is roving to Portugal as a front curtain in a drivers’ championship. “The start could frequency have left better. Now we have to adult a ante during Montalegre,” says Ekström. “I have good and bad memories of final year. Everything was going according to devise adult until a semi-final, though afterwards a mistake in spin one cost me a final. As a result, a Circuito Internacional de Montalegre, besides a new lane in Cape Town, is a usually one on a World RX calendar on that a Swede has never done it into a final – distinct his Finnish teammate Toomas Heikkinen, who in his initial competition for EKS in 2016 immediately took third place there.

At initial glance, a lane blueprint featuring a 250-meter prolonged start-finish true promises few challenges, though a demon is in a detail. The prolonged Joker territory each motorist has to finish once per competition frequency offers grip. In a successive wobble of turns, a intensely high curbs do not pardon any mistakes. In addition, overtaking is intensely formidable because, solely for spin one, there are few opportunities to “brake past” rivals on a 945-meter lane that is a shortest one on a calendar.

Unpredictable as good is a weather. In 2015 and 2016, following torrential rainfalls, a races during Montalegre were some-more same to a sand festival than to a motorsport event. “The formidable continue conditions done pushing intensely difficult, though if we wish to mountain a really tip of a lectern on Sunday, we need to have a right setup for any weather,” says Ekström, adding with self-confidence. “And we do!” In further to a lead in a drivers’ championship, Ekström, together with Heikkinen, would like to urge a tip mark in a teams’ standings as well, that EKS is heading tied on points with Team PSRX Volkswagen Sweden. The EKS group with Ekström and Heikkinen is finished by Reinis Nitišs from Latvia, who is on a grid during all twelve rounds of a deteriorate in a team’s third Audi S1 EKS RX quattro.