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Audi and Formula E: chasing seconds in a simulator

Both Daniel Abt and a reigning Champion Lucas di Grassi spend a whole day practicing in a simulator during Audi Sport in Neuburg. In a Formula E chassis, surrounded by monitors with a 360-degree perspective and versed with headphones and microphones, a competition drivers expostulate a subordinate event and a competition on a lane in Marrakesh.

“These complete use sessions are a pivotal to success since a make-believe is really realistic,” says Daniel Abt. Based on FIA data, a experts obey a circuit on a mechanism in each fact – including curbs, probable straight differences and climatic conditions. “As drivers we afterwards have a event to get to know a lane and to try out several lines but any detriment of use time on competition day that is brief to start with,” says Abt.

The credentials day in a simulator mostly lasts 8 hours or some-more and not usually serves a competition drivers to prepare. “During this time, a engineers can accumulate a lot of critical data, optimize appetite management, exam several program versions and copy a routine upsurge on a competition day,” says Tristan Summerscale, Formula E Project Leader during Audi. “We’re good prepared when we strike a competition lane and are means to respond to new situations with larger flexibility, speed and ease.”

In annoy of a certain likeness to simulator games, Daniel Abt rejects any comparison with a laugh: “One is for fun and a other is genuine work that all of us have to do with high thoroughness – even if it falls in a center of a Christmas season.” A joining that pays off: With 24 lectern formula to their credit, Abt and di Grassi have been a many successful twin in Formula E to date. This success is to be continued – in Marrakesh on Jan 13.