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Audi appoints 4 new Board of Management members

Alexander Seitz (55) will attain to Axel Strotbek, who has been Board of Management Member for Finance, IT and Integrity during Audi given 2007. Seitz began his career during Daimler-Benz AG, where he hold several positions in a financial and blurb area as good as in devise and procurement. In 2005, he changed to Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg as Head of Group Procurement Powertrain. Following positions for a Group in South America, he was allocated First Vice President and Commercial Executive Vice President of SAIC Volkswagen in 2013.

The inheritor to Dr. Dietmar Voggenreiter as Board of Management Member for Marketing and Sales will be Bram Schot (56). Born in a Netherlands, he has been a Member of a Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for a area of Marketing and Sales given 2012. In 2011, he changed from his position as President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Italia to a Volkswagen Group, where he was in assign of vital projects in a area of Group Sales.

Wendelin Göbel (53) is to be a new Board of Management Member for Human Resources and Organization. He will take over from Thomas Sigi, who has hold a position given 2010. Göbel has been Head of a Board of Management’s Office of a Volkswagen Group given 2007 and of a Volkswagen code between 2007 and 2015. Before that, he hold several positions during AUDI AG and in a Volkswagen Group, including in Procurement Project Management. From 2003 until 2007, he was Head of a Board of Management’s Office of AUDI AG as good as a member of a Audi Strategy Committee.

Peter Kössler (58) will be a new Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics. Born in Ingolstadt, he has until now been Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. From 2007 until 2015, he was a executive of Audi’s categorical plant in Ingolstadt. In that position, he was obliged during a site in Ingolstadt for all production-relevant areas and site-specific topics such as plant logistics, environmental insurance and plant security. Kössler will take over a Board of Management position from Dr. Hubert Waltl, who has been in assign of Production and Logistics given 2014.

Matthias Müller, Audi Supervisory Board Chairman and VW CEO, thanked a vacating Board of Management members for their work: “The vacating Board of Management members helped to figure Audi’s certain development. Audi has recently upheld by a formidable phase, though has all a prerequisites to be successful also in a mobility universe of tomorrow. Together with a workforce, a new group in a Board of Management will evenly pull brazen with Audi’s mutation towards a future.”

Audi Board of Management Chairman Rupert Stadler also thanked a vacating colleagues for their veteran commitment. Stadler emphasized a significance of critically reviewing a stream conditions together with a Supervisory Board. “Our common idea with a new Board of Management group and a clever workforce is now to set a march for a destiny and to evenly pierce brazen with a mutation towards e-mobility, digitization and mobility services. Our expansion devise and Strategy 2025 yield a roadmap.”

Peter Mosch, Chairman of a General Works Council and Member of a Supervisory Board of AUDI AG: “The past weeks uncover that an open and vicious dialog is an essential basement for a destiny of Audi. It has turn transparent that this is about a unchanging course of a company. That includes a optimal function of a plants’ capacities. The arriving mutation contingency be made so that both business success and a interests of a workforce are sustainably balanced.”