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Audi as an employer: a magnet for immature professionals

Innovative topics of a future, complicated operative environments, general growth possibilities and a event to make one’s possess prophesy into Vorsprung: All of this creates Audi into one of Germany’s many appealing employers in a opinion of immature professionals. “We have achieved a best ranking outcome given we started participating in a surveys. Never before have so many immature people voiced their certainty in us,” settled Stephan Meier, Head of International and Top‑Management Human Resources during AUDI AG. “Furthermore, we courtesy it as a good respect that gifted immature professionals wish to assistance us figure Audi’s destiny activities with their expertise.”

Experienced engineers and economists voted Audi into tip positions in a surveys by both Trendence and Universum, while gifted IT experts see a code with a 4 rings directly after a dual IT giants Google and Microsoft in a ranking. This means that Audi has gained one place given final year. “Making a vehicle into a entirely connected digital device is a pivotal subject of a times,” pronounced Meier. “We wish to do pioneering work in this field, together with informatics specialists. New handling systems or program solutions for a worldwide digital factories are sparkling projects for IT experts.

“In sequence to be an appealing employer for sought-after experts, we contingency constantly open adult new range and inspire artistic exchanges of opinions and experience,” combined Joachim Kraege, Head of Organization and Consulting during AUDI AG. For this purpose, Audi has started mutation processes in many areas and has successfully determined new formats. In an “agile routine workshop” for example, employees from several departments are requesting a artistic scrum process to concur on new IT solutions. Since September 2016, Audi has also been frequently promulgation employees from several departments to a “think tank” handling in a co-working space in Berlin. As an stretchable unit, a idea is to enter into partnerships with startups, to rise new networks and jointly to find ideas for a doing of a corporate strategy. Also in bar camps and other seminar formats, Audi experts frequently plead new forms of team-work or destiny megatrends, so moving any other. At a initial “MQ! The Mobility Quotient” limit in September, Audi employees came together with artistic personalities from a areas of business and science, such as Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak. In several workspaces, approximately 300 general participants worked on a mobility of tomorrow.

Employees have many interactive focus and feedback functions also on inner digital communication platforms, for that Audi has already perceived a “Digital Transformation Award.” In this way, Audi is compelling a approach dialog opposite departmental and hierarchical levels, and is informing a workforce even faster and some-more transparently. During unchanging chats, employees can also sell imagination with a members of a company’s Board of Management.

Audi is opening adult serve range for ideas and innovations by charity some-more than 200 opposite working‑time models. Among other things, a vehicle manufacturer is deliberation creation change times in prolongation some-more flexible, for that a commander plan started recently in Ingolstadt. In addition, a employees’ probability to do mobile work creates a operative day some-more stretchable and creates it easier to mix a career with family life.

The company’s truth has had certain feedback: This year, Audi has won several awards as a tip employer, for instance in Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy, Mexico and China. All a stream advertisements for jobs during Audi can be found during