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Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2016: piloted pushing on a 1:8 scale

Eight university teams have competent for a foe and demonstrated outrageous unrestrained in building special algorithms to ready their indication cars for a final. Taking simple program granted by Audi as a starting point, they have combined their possess program pattern to routine a sensor data, appreciate situations rightly and control a vehicle accordingly. The aim is that a electric-drive indication vehicle should negotiate a circuit automatically as quick as possible, with a smallest of faults. The pattern of a circuit echoes a real-life conditions encountered on a road. The cars will have to equivocate obstructions automatically, proceed junctions with channel trade safely while watching a highway signs, and follow other vehicles during a protected stretch in issuing traffic. The hurdles also embody behaving a left spin opposite approaching traffic, pointing parking maneuvers and an puncture stop focus when obstructions unexpected appear.

The students will be building on a commentary and functions of a prior year’s competition. The complexity of a plea will therefore arise year by year. Points are deducted for accidents, mislaid time and close execution. The mandatory partial is followed by a freestyle element: For a final day of a competition, a teams can benefaction an additional charge for their indication auto. This giveaway choice of proof is above all about creativity. A display of a growth truth also contributes to a final score. The group with a many points will accept EUR 10,000, a second-placed group EUR 5,000 and a third-placed EUR 1,000.

Audi presented any of a university teams, comprising a limit of 5 students, with a simple program and dual matching indication cars on Oct 6, 2015. The cosmetic physique of a blue Audi Q5 conceals a outrageous volume of technology. “Our engineers during Audi further use a ADTF growth environment. That means a students work on optimizing their indication cars in a same approach we do on genuine cars,” explained foe cabinet member Dr.-Ing. Lars Mesow. “Thanks to a foe circuit’s severe design, we design a drives around it to produce conclusions that we can also send to program control algorithms in real-life pushing situations.”

The categorical sensor used for a high-tech indication cars is a tone camera with operation imaging. As on a genuine automobile, it detects a highway surface, trade signs, obstructions and other highway users in front of a indication car. It is complemented by 10 ultrasound sensors: 5 during a front, 3 during a back and one on any side. Their showing operation of between dual centimeters (0.8 in) and 4 meters (13.1 ft) creates it probable to brand a vicinity precisely even when roving during speed. An acceleration sensor registers changes of instruction by a indication vehicle and, like all other systems, sends this information in genuine time to a executive on-board mechanism with high-speed quad-core processor. This setup mirrors a destiny wiring pattern of Audi. A executive motorist assistance controller section (zFAS) in it evaluates sensor data, computes a indication of a pushing sourroundings and reserve a information to all assistance systems.

Eight teams from a following universities have competent for a final of a second Audi Autonomous Driving Cup:

  • Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg
  • FZI Research Center for Information Technology, Karlsruhe
  • Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg /
    Nuremberg Institute of Technology
  • Leipzig University of Applied Sciences
  • Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences
  • Technical University of Munich
  • University of Bremen
  • University of Würzburg

The participants are mostly masters students of Information Technology and Mathematics.

As good as a esteem money, a Audi Autonomous Driving Cup offers engaging prospects for all participants: The foe also gives a students an eventuality to settle initial hit with Audi as a intensity employer. The Company offers students internships, connoisseur topic openings and appealing entrance schemes for graduates. Audi is auxiliary with over 30 partner universities worldwide and compelling rarely competent immature talent: 140 doctoral possibilities are now posterior their doctorates in investigate projects saved by Audi.

The Audi Electronic Venture GmbH (AEV), a entirely owned Audi subsidiary, is organizing a Audi Autonomous Driving Cup for a second time and ancillary a participants in a run-up to a competition. All over a universe a Audi auxiliary identifies innovative technologies, participates in start-ups and cooperates with companies from other industries. It acts as an creation motorist and consider tank for new functions and program in a margin of wiring development.

Visitors are politely invited to attend a Public Final during a Audi Forum in Ingolstadt on Mar 24, 2016 from 9 a.m. Expert member will be on palm to speak to reporters meddlesome in a event.

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