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Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2017: ||independently and cleverly around a course

Audi is on a approach to formulating a self-driving car. The Audi Autonomous Driving Cup has been fixation a spotlight on self-driving automobiles given 2015 – yet on a scale of 1:8. The university foe is directed during immature talents in a disciplines robotics, information science, program architecture, synthetic comprehension (AI) and cloud computing.

In 2017, a crater facilities electrically driven high-tech indication cars. They are versed with ultrasound sensors, 3D camera, reversing camera and a high-performance NVIDIA graphics card. “The setup of a sensor complement and executive mechanism underneath a indication cars’ bodywork is radically a same as in a prolongation automobile,” remarked Dr. Florian Knabl by approach of reason of a record during work. He is Head of Software Development Tools and Methods during Audi Electronics Venture GmbH and the event’s sponsor. Using a sensors and program grown by a tyro teams themselves regulating simple functionality granted by Audi, a indication cars are designed to expostulate themselves quickly and safely, while gripping to all a rules.

The categorical sensor for a high-tech indication cars is a wide-angle camera with a incomparable showing operation than previously. The information collected by a extra 3D front camera resembles that picked adult by a laser scanner of a form used in a new Audi A8. Another new underline is a camera during a back that enables even some-more accurate reversing maneuvers than before. It is complemented by 10 ultrasound sensors: 5 during a front, 3 during a back and one on any side. Their showing operation of between dual centimeters (0.8 in) and 4 meters (13.1 ft) creates it probable to brand a vicinity precisely even when roving during speed. A nine-axis acceleration sensor registers changes of instruction and sends this information in genuine time to a executive on-board mechanism with high-speed quad-core processor. A customary apparatus that is also used in a growth of prolongation automobiles serves as a growth platform: a “Automotive Data and Time Triggered Framework”, or ADTF for short.

While completing a march a high-tech indication cars have to equivocate obstructions independently, negotiate junctions with channel trade but accidents, and follow a automobile in front during a protected distance. A new plea involves regulating intelligent algorithms to overcome wily trade situations. Those embody e.g. exclusively detecting pedestrians and their goal to cranky a road, so enabling a automobile to respond appropriately. This year brings a change to a mandatory response to trade signs: Temporary non-static trade signs need to be famous and matched in genuine time opposite a digital map element supposing by HERE. HERE is one of a heading program companies for digital navigation maps and location-based services.

The leader of a Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2017 is determined in 3 steps. In a mandatory territory a indication cars have to perform pushing tasks autonomously on a course. Next, a participants give a display on their technical developments. The third and final theatre is a open challenge: Here, a teams get their automobile to perform a self-imposed charge as creatively as probable – this year for a initial time creation use of synthetic comprehension (AI). In a final, a best 3 teams from a course, display and open plea sections contest opposite any other. They have to finish unknown pushing tasks with as few faults as possible. The university group with a many points will accept EUR 10,000, a second-placed group EUR 5,000 and a third-placed EUR 1,000.

Following a exam eventuality in Oct 2017, these 8 teams have competent for a finals:

  • University of Augsburg: UniAutonom
  • University of Bremen: Carleone
  • Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg / Nuremberg Institute of Technology: FAUtonOHM
  • Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg: FrAIburg
  • Technical University of Ingolstadt: leTHit drive
  • Ilmenau University of Technology: AFILSOP
  • Leipzig University of Applied Sciences: HTWK Smart Driving
  • University of Applied Sciences Offenburg: TACO

The Audi Autonomous Driving Cup gives a students an event to settle initial hit with Audi as a intensity employer. Openings might take a form of internships, doctoral or trainee programs. In a twelve-month general Audi Trainee Program, a participants commence projects in a accumulation of areas as a means of building adult an endless network. Graduates and immature professionals can also request for a two-year, complete Specialist Trainee Program.

Audi Electronics Venture GmbH (AEV), a entirely owned Audi subsidiary, is entertainment a Audi Autonomous Driving Cup for a third time. All over a universe a Audi auxiliary identifies innovative technologies, participates in startups and cooperates with companies from other industries. It acts as an creation motorist and consider tank for new functions and program in a margin of wiring development.

Visitors to a Audi Forum are politely invited to watch a open final on Nov 16, 2017, from 9 a.m. Experts will be on palm to speak to member of a media.