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Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2018: Eight teams do conflict for a title

Small, though with a record of their large counterparts: This outline relates to any singular blue Audi Q2 negotiating a course. Autonomous indication cars on a scale of 1:8 that expostulate regulating comprehension are a core of courtesy in a Audi Autonomous Driving Cup. The general university foe is directed primarily during students from areas of information record such as robotics, information science, module design and synthetic comprehension (AI).

The university teams have prepared a high-tech indication cars themselves. Following a settlement of prior years, these have to expostulate turn a march autonomously avoiding obstacles, rightly negotiating junctions with channel traffic, noticing highway signs or following a preceding automobile during an suitable distance. To simulate technological development, a scenarios for a foe are blending and extended any year. A unfolding such as a following is granted by a “Automated Driving” area: An puncture automobile that has to be identified regulating appurtenance training unexpected appears on a route. Images from a front camera and recordings from a audio microphone are prisoner and evaluated to strew light on a prevalent trade situation. If for instance a puncture automobile is coming conduct on with a lights flashing and summons sounding, a exam automobile needs to lift over; during a junction, it contingency always give way.

Like a Audi prolongation models, a indication cars in a Audi Autonomous Driving Cup are removing some-more intelligent by a year. Self-learning algorithms assistance to solve wily trade situations swiftly. For a initial time a march now facilities a second highway level, permitted around a ramp. Because a sensors on house a cars duty optimally, a ramp is interpreted as a unchanging pushing line that can be used in a normal way, not as an obstacle. The automobile does this by evaluating a information from a laser scanner and front camera, and assessing a results. “It’s really critical to us that a students not usually module regulating a module we provide, though also use innovative technologies such as appurtenance learning,” explained Dr. Peter Steiner, Managing Director of Audi Electronics Venture GmbH, emphasizing a jury’s severe expectations.

Sensor information alloy for a picturesque design of a surroundings
The high-tech indication cars are versed with front camera, reversing camera, laser scanner and ultrasound sensors. The sensor information is joined to yield a accurate design of a surroundings. The sensor information alloy in a indication cars is allied to that in a executive motorist assistance controller (zFAS) in a prolongation models. A nine-axis acceleration sensor registers changes of instruction and sends this information in genuine time to a executive on-board mechanism with high-speed quad-core processor. A customary module apparatus that is also used in a growth of prolongation automobiles serves as a growth platform: a “Automotive Data and Time Triggered Framework,” or ADTF for short.

The automobile positioning uses map element that has been optimized by experts from a navigation dilettante HERE. With a assistance of visual markers along a route, a cars can regularly recalibrate their distributed position.

From assignment to subordinate to a final
Ten nominated university teams – including from a UK, Italy and Austria – were granted with a simple module and dual indication cars during a launch eventuality in Jun 2018. At a exam eventuality in Oct 2018, 5 teams with matching indication cars granted by their departments also took part.

The following 8 teams were a tip performers and cumulative a desired places in a final of a Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2018:

In 3 stairs to crater glory
The leader of a AADC 2018 is determined in 3 steps. In a mandatory section, a high-tech indication cars have to perform pushing tasks autonomously on a course. Next, a teams give a systematic display on their technical developments. The third theatre is afterwards a open challenge: The teams get their automobile to perform a charge of their choice as creatively as probable – this year fixation a importance on a use of synthetic comprehension (AI).

The group with a many points opposite all 3 disciplines will accept EUR 10,000 in esteem money, a second-placed group EUR 5,000 and a third-placed EUR 1,000.

Career opportunities: speed dating with Audi
The Audi Autonomous Driving Cup also gives a participants an eventuality to settle initial hit with Audi as a intensity employer. During a exam eventuality in October, a association invited participants to a “speed dating” eventuality – with experts from Audi and Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH (AID), that develops entirely self-driving vehicles for a civic areas. The students were means to find out about openings such as internships and doctoral or trainee programs. The two-year Specialist Trainee Program, for instance, prepares trainees intensively for their contingent aim function. It enables a dilettante trainees to acquire critical imagination in a brand’s destiny fields of activity by rotating by a areas involved. 

Audi Electronics Venture GmbH (AEV), a entirely owned Audi subsidiary, is entertainment a Audi Autonomous Driving Cup for already a fourth time. AEV identifies innovative technologies worldwide, participates in startups and cooperates with companies from other industries. It acts as an creation motorist and consider tank for new functions and module in a margin of wiring development, with a concentration on AI, overflow data, end-to-end design and intelligent city.

Visitors are politely invited to watch a open final live during a Audi Forum on Nov 14, 2018, starting during 8:30 a.m. Experts will be on palm to speak to member of a media.

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