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Audi boosts deliveries by 12.3 percent in a initial half of 2012

New record for Audi: In a initial 6 months of a year a association handed over some-more than 733,000 cars to business worldwide, 12.3 percent some-more than in a same duration of 2011. Around 133,050 business chose an Audi in Jun alone – 13.1 percent some-more than one year ago. The clever opening in Germany continued in a past month with expansion of 14.6 percent. The Ingolstadt-based association once again gifted poignant double-digit (+20.4 percent) expansion in deliveries on a Chinese market. In a United States, AUDI AG resolved a initial half of a year with a best sales month in a company’s US history, and 26.0 percent in June.

“Despite a conspicuous headwind in a Southern European markets, where Audi performs improved than a sum market, a code is flourishing in all universe regions. As a result, we are clearly on march to grasp a aim of 1.4 million deliveries by year’s end,” says Rupert Stadler, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG. Peter Schwarzenbauer, Audi Board Member for Marketing and Sales, adds: “We wish to continue this expansion trail in a second half of a year, when altogether sales are traditionally not as strong. The new era of a Q5 will also minister as good as a new A3, that is generally critical for Europe.”

Sales for Audi in Europe rose over a initial 6 months by 2.8 percent to around 393,350 cars. As a result, a 4 rings serve stretched a lead as Europe’s many successful reward carmaker. The code is also building successfully on a home continent in a long-term comparison with a marketplace sourroundings as a whole. While a Western European automobile marketplace is now down to a 1994 level, Audi’s sales volume in a initial half of a year has some-more than doubled given then. As a result, Audi’s marketplace share in Western Europe reached a record turn of about 5.7 percent during a initial half of 2012.

Leading a expansion of new months were a Audi Q3 and a new A6. Deliveries of a A6 Avant model, that is generally renouned in Europe, surpassed those of a prototype in a initial half of 2011 by 63.3 percent.

Growth for Audi in Western Europe was led in a initial half of a year by a German market, where sales rose by 7.3 percent to 134,173 units. This was also increasing by a A1 Sportback and a carmaker’s flourishing swift business. Deliveries also grew by a poignant 4.5 percent in a United Kingdom, a company’s second largest sales marketplace in Europe. In addition, Audi remarkable a clever boost in direct for instance in a Netherlands, with 13,026 cars handed over to business (+30.4 percent), in Austria (+11.8 percent to 10,828 units), and in Switzerland (+6.5 percent to 9,125 cars). In France, sales sum reached a turn of a same duration final year (+0.4 percent), enabling Audi to serve indurate a care position in a reward segment. Business also valid some-more fast for a 4 rings than for a sum markets with courtesy to registration statistics in Italy and Spain. Deliveries however declined nonetheless during -18.7 and -9.9 percent respectively. In contrast, a whole Eastern European segment has risen over new months to turn an increasingly critical expansion engine for Audi, quite in Russia, that increasing a sales sum by 40.9 percent to 16,563 cars.

In a United States, Audi of America set new annals for deliveries in any of a 6 months. Cumulative sales rose by 16.5 percent to 65,158 units, fueled above all by a Q5 and a A7 Sportback, that is quite renouned with American customers, as good as by a A6 Sedan. There were 4,249 units of a A7 luxury-class coupe delivered in a United States during a initial half of a year; a Q5 grew serve in a second-biggest sales marketplace by 21.6 percent to 13,544 deliveries. Moreover, continued expansion opposite all models in Canada (+14.0 percent to 10,054 cars) and Mexico (+6.0 percent to 3,862 cars) serve strengthened Audi’s movement in North America in a initial half of a year.

Locally constructed models spearheaded a clever expansion in China during a initial half of a year – adult 37.8 percent to 193,871 cars: deliveries of a long-wheelbase chronicle of a A4 increasing 42.9 percent compared to a same duration of 2011 – those of a Q5 rose by even 86.7 percent. Despite a indication changeover that usually took place in April, a A6 L also gifted substantial double-digit growth. With a sum of 63,160 cars handed over to customers, this indication reliable a widespread position compared with a competition. Positive expansion in many other markets once again done Asia-Pacific a fastest-growing sales segment for Audi in a initial 6 months: in Japan, for instance (+18.6 percent to 11,961 units), in South Korea (7,196 cars, +50.2 percent), and, not least, in India. There, a comparison with deliveries in a initial half of 2011 shows an boost of 42.8 percent to 4,000 reward cars sold. This is interjection above all to a new A6 and a new era of a A4, a dual models with a top volume of sales for Audi in a market. The successful launch of a Q3 this month in India also contributed to a 76.0 percent boost in sales there in June.

The youngest SUV with a four-ring button also arrived during dealerships for a initial time in many other critical expansion markets in new weeks, including Japan, Brazil and South Africa. The Q3 will applaud a marketplace entrance in China during July. Stadler: “Worldwide direct for SUVs stays undiminished; their share of a tellurian reward marketplace will continue to grow in entrance years. These are clever signals for a whole Q family, that we will addition in a destiny with additional models.”


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