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Audi brings the MQ! Innovation Summit to China

“China is a ideal place to plead impulses for a mobility of tomorrow. Here, we are in a proviso of mutation in that a digital sourroundings in sold is fast changing,” says Bram Schot, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG. “It is a radical suspicion leaders who figure a destiny with their ideas. According to a sign ‘#neverstopquestioning,’ we wish to foster this dialog, enthuse any other and rise new ideas together.”

The approaching keynote speakers embody Kai-Fu Lee, an consultant in synthetic comprehension and author of a book AI Superpowers; Derek Haoyang Li, owner of Squirrel AI Learning; and Peggy Liu, owner and chairperson of JUCCCE (Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy), a non-governmental classification that has been during a heart of a greening of China.

In thirteen opposite workshops, a limit participants will dive deeper into a topics and work on specific questions: What does a right charging infrastructure for electric cars demeanour like in Asia’s metropolises? How is a mobile ecosystem building in China? How are we regulating overflow comprehension and protracted reality? The intercultural aspect is during a concentration of this year’s MQ! Innovation Summit: Most of a workshops will be hold with churned general teams or will prominence topics that are quite applicable for Asia, such as a specific needs of Chinese customers. Throughout a event, there will be opportunities to share thoughts and to network.

On a second day of a MQ!, a participants’ best ideas will be announced during a Innovation Lab of Audi China. This is a highpoint of a initiative, that given Jul has called on developers to contention innovative ideas for a open source height “Audi connect.”

Audi determined a MQ! Innovation Summit 3 years ago in sequence to plead a mobility quotient (MQ) as a magnitude of a mobility of a chairman or classification with experts from a fields of business and science. The MQ includes not usually spatial mobility in a calculation, though also a factors of time, multitude and sustainability.

Interested persons can request during, for tickets for a MQ!, that takes place on Dec 4 and 5 during a Phoenix International Media Center in Beijing. More information on a module is accessible also on Facebook during “The Mobility Quotient.”