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Audi celebrates 3 vital anniversaries during Goodwood

At this year’s Festival of Speed, Hannu Mikkola has an eventuality to demeanour behind on his possess grant to motor-sport history. It was in England that he clinched a World Rally Championship pretension thirty years ago, pushing a Audi Rallye quattro A2. On a noted day in Nov 1983, a final theatre of a British RAC Rally, a final eventuality of a season, was due to take place. Mikkola had by afterwards gained a many points and usually Walter Röhrl could pass him in a rankings. When Röhrl unsuccessful to start, Mikkola usually had to finish in sequence to take a title. He recalls: “The tragedy was enormous, though afterwards a news pennyless and we was means to expostulate a RAC Rally in a really loose way.” Perhaps not utterly as loose as he suggests, given he came in second behind another Audi driver, Stig Blomqvist, and took a Championship title.

Audi Tradition has designed a warn for Hannu Mikkola: some years ago a AUDI AG Historical Department was means to acquire a tangible automobile that won a 1983 RAC Rally. Extensive replacement including a strange paint finish has now been completed, and a 1983 World Rally Champion has been invited to give a easy automobile a lass tour during Goodwood. Mikkola: “To be behind in a automobile we gathering behind afterwards is a really romantic experience.” To make a arise perfect, a 1983 World Championship group will be finish for a Goodwood Hillclimb, with Hannu Mikkola assimilated by a male who was his co-driver for eleven years: Arne Herz.

Just 5 years later, in 1988, when those good days of rallying were past and Audi Sport was concentrating on circuit racing, a code with a 4 rings done a thespian lapse to a general motor-sport scene: with a Audi 200 quattro, a Ingolstadt carmaker stormed a American TransAm competition array with a automobile that had been grown in only a few months. Based on a Audi 200 quattro and a customary five-cylinder turbocharged engine, a outcome was a racing automobile with all-wheel expostulate and a energy outlay of 510 bhp. At a finish of a season, Audi had won 8 of a 13 races and carried off a manufacturers’ universe championship title. The drivers were Hurley Haywood, Hans-Joachim Stuck and Walter Röhrl. The driver’s pretension went to Haywood. At a Festival of Speed, Hans-Joachim Stuck will be behind a circle of a Audi 200 quattro TransAm.

No Festival of Speed would be finish though Nick Mason. Pink Floyd drummer and racing automobile enthusiast, he has been there given a really initial time that a Earl of Mar hold a eventuality during his family chair in a south of England. The Earl’s father had determined a racing circuit in a drift of a house, though it seemed expected to be forgotten. The son regenerated open seductiveness and, with his Festival of Speed, combined a new and shortly mythological motor-sport event. This is a seventh year that Nick Mason has driven for Audi Tradition. After his appearances during a circle of Auto Union Silver Arrows from a 1930s, people began to impute to him jocularly as “Auto Union’s final works driver”. In response to a special ask from a Earl of March, Audi Tradition is contributing to a event’s festival by bringing a Auto Union Type C to Goodwood House. Bernd Rosemeyer dominated Europe’s racing circuits in a 1936 deteriorate with this 16-cylinder car. Driven by Nick Mason, this valuables in a climax of Audi’s corporate story is a special chronicle built during that time for use in hillclimbs, with twin-tyred back wheels. As a Pink Floyd drummer declares: “It is a good pleasure and a payoff any time we am available to expostulate one of a Auto Union Silver Arrows.”