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Audi Congratulates TUfast Formula Student Racing Team on Victory during Hockenheim

From Aug 7 to 11, a Hockenheim foe circuit once again supposing a showcase for a skill and pioneering suggestion of a students holding partial in a general competition, featuring roughly 3,500 participants from 24 countries. This year, Audi sponsored a teams from TU Munich and TU Eindhoven, that lined adult on a grid with 3 cars in total, entering a Electric and Driverless categories.

In further to a altogether feat in a Electric category, a TUfast group set a new record in a Skid Pad discipline, interlude a time during 4.60 seconds. This eventuality involves pushing around a figure 8 while achieving a best probable parallel acceleration and path time. The group from TU Eindhoven done it into a tip 5 in a Electric category.

“Congratulations to a winners! We are intensely unapproachable of a students, who demonstrated well-developed ability and kept cold heads once a foe got started,” pronounced Susanne Gawor, conduct of Employer Branding. “Electric expostulate systems and unconstrained pushing are a many critical fields of cutting-edge development. That’s because it’s so essential to us to assistance a students to build adult their believe in these areas and brand gifted immature people who uncover pioneering spirit.”

Since 2007, Audi has been ancillary immature people with a talent for growth with their appearance in Formula Student. In this competition, experts from a association act as judges and assistance a tyro teams out in a array line and on a lane with recommendation and copiousness of experience.

In Hockenheim, a TUfast group took a third feat in a Electric category, following a appearances in this year’s Formula Student East and Formula Student Austria.

Eva Herrmann, group manager for a TUfast Racing Team, commented, “The vigour unequivocally was on here. We are positively gay about a initial Electric win opposite some tough foe during Hockenheim and are impossibly unapproachable of a Skid Pad record. Every singular chairman on a group has played a partial in this illusory result. Thanks also to a long-standing partner Audi, that has been desiring in us given 2007.”

The TUfast group will be holding to a lane once again for Formula Student Spain in Barcelona from Aug 20 to 26. We wish them luck!