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Audi continues clever expansion in North America in February

“The year has begun really successfully for Audi deliberation a really formidable marketplace conditions in Europe and conspicuous special effects in February,” says Luca de Meo, Member of a Board of Management of AUDI AG for Sales and Marketing. “We wish to stay a march in arriving months and advantage from a rollout of a new A3 Sportback in a general markets.”

For Audi, a month of Feb was noted by a indication changeover of a strong- offering A3 Sportback in many pivotal markets. In Europe alone, two-thirds of all A3 business have traditionally selected a five-door version. This creates a A3 Sportback a best-selling physique various of Audi’s whole indication choice in a region. Despite a changeover to a new A3 Sportback generation, Audi was still means to repeat a smoothness totals of a before Feb opposite all models in a stretched European market; adult 0.1 percent to around 54,900 cars sole in February. Above all, serve augmenting direct for a A4 Avant and a new-generation Q5 bolstered business for a 4 rings on a home continent. Globally, a A1 and a Q3 showed clever gains as well; sales total for a compress SUV during around 8,300 units sole were 41.6 percent aloft than in a same month final year.

Among a European markets, Audi achieved quite high expansion rates in many Scandinavian countries in Feb – such as Sweden with an 18.2 percent benefit to 1,484 cars compared to Feb 2012 and Denmark with a 28.7 percent boost to 655 deliveries. Switzerland (+13.2% to 1,641 cars) and Russia (+20.2% to 2,800 cars) also reported clever growth. In Spain, Audi also sealed a month of Feb with a benefit over a before year, with a 3.3 percent boost to 4,082 automobiles. In France, a association delivered 5,368 cars final month, that was 5.1 percent fewer than in Feb 2012. In Italy, Audi delivered 3,622 cars (-9.5%). In a formidable marketplace environments of these dual countries, a Ingolstadt-based association reliable a care purpose in a reward shred over a initial dual months of a year. In a dual largest European sales markets, Germany (+0.2% to 19,804 cars) and United Kingdom (+7.3% to 4,451 cars), AUDI AG surpassed a clever sales of a same month final year. From Jan to February, deliveries increasing by 4.8 percent in Germany and by 12.7 percent in a UK. In Europe as a whole, a reward carmaker sole 4.0 percent some-more vehicles in a initial dual months.

In February, a association resumed a record-setting gait in a USA as well: 10,877 delivered automobiles paint 27.5 percent expansion and set a monthly record for a 26th uninterrupted month. Generating generally clever patron trade during US dealers were a SUVs with a 4 rings. The new era of a Q5 showed 57.0 percent expansion compared to a same month in a before year, and Q7 sales climbed by 146.6 percent. Ever renouned among US drivers are a generally sporty models of a full-size sedans offering by Audi. The new editions of a S6 and a S8 that launched final tumble contributed significantly to postulated clever expansion of a A6 family (+40.9%) and a A8 (+22.3%) in a USA in February.

In China, a second home marketplace of a Ingolstadt-based company, final month was strongly shabby by New Year celebrations durability one week. While a holiday fell in Jan final year, this year there were together fewer sales days in a already brief month of Feb when compared with a same duration in 2012. Nonetheless, Audi surpassed a 30,000 section symbol and available 30,268 deliveries, that represented a 3.5 percent drop compared to Feb 2012. Audi’s accumulative sales in China given a start of a year amounted to 67,946 cars, that is 16.0 percent some-more than for a same duration in a before year.

In many other markets of a Asia-Pacific region, Audi sales rose neatly also in Feb – in Japan, for example, where a A1 Sportback and a Q3 in sold helped to boost Audi sales by 42.4 percent to 2,290 units. Audi also available double-digit gains in South Korea (+34.3% to 1,352 cars), Australia (+18.2% to 1,418 cars) and India (+29.2% to 775 cars).