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Audi business are set for Daytona

With extended support from a Audi patron foe department, a American Alex Job Racing, APR Motorsport and Rum Bum Racing teams are fielding a sum of 4 Audi R8 GRAND-AM cars. The U.S. chronicle of a successful patron racing sports automobile from AUDI AG has been subjected to serve technical growth for a 2013 deteriorate and will be assembly with clever foe in a margin of GT cars during a U.S. continuation classic.

“We’re awaiting a rarely offset and rival margin in a GT difficulty this year,” says Romolo Liebchen, Head of Audi Sport patron racing. “We’ve got arguable competition cars and a good plan – though a drivers play a essential role. That’s because we’re ancillary a patron teams during Daytona this year with a high-caliber motorist squad. Our aim is clear: Everyone who’s toying with a thought of removing concerned in a GRAND-AM Series should put a Audi R8 GRAND-AM on their brief list of choices.”

Extremely clever motorist line-up

At Daytona, all 3 Audi patron teams can pull on drivers who have already achieved vital successes in a GT3 chronicle of a Audi R8. Competing for a patrol of Alex Job Racing are a 3 Audi bureau drivers Filipe Albuquerque (Portugal), Oliver Jarvis (Great Britain) and Edoardo Mortara (Italy/France). Filipe Albuquerque was a runner-up in a Italian championship in a Audi R8 LMS in 2010.  Oliver Jarvis contested a FIA GT1 World Championship final year during a circle of a Audi R8 LMS ultra. Edoardo Mortara in a R8 many recently won a GT Cup in Macau dual uninterrupted times and dual events of a Audi R8 LMS Cup in China in 2012. The AJR patrol is finished by a American Dion von Moltke, who was winning in a GTC difficulty during a 2012 Sebring 12 Hours.

A likewise clever patrol is pushing a Audi R8 GRAND-AM of Rum Bum Racing, a stream championship-winning group in a Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge that is hold as partial of a GRAND-AM Series. The five-time Le Mans leader Frank Biela (Germany) was concerned in a growth of a R8 racing chronicle from a initial day on. Christopher Haase (Germany) and GT1 World Champion Markus Winkelhock (Germany) won a 24-hour competition on a mythological Nürburgring Nordschleife during a circle of an Audi R8 LMS ultra in 2012. The American Matt Plumb final year only hardly missed winning a drivers’ pretension in a Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge.

The group of APR Motorsport that was already on a grid in a GRAND-AM Series with a Audi R8 final year is fielding dual cars during Daytona. Three other German continuation racing aces, Marc Basseng, René Rast and Frank Stippler, are regulating in a series “52” R8 GRAND-AM. Frank Stippler in a R8 LMS ultra won a 24-hour races during a Nürburgring and during Spa final year and is one of a growth drivers of quattro GmbH for motorsport. Marc Basseng in 2012 was partial of a winning Audi group during a Nürburgring as well, and so was René Rast during Spa. The APR foursome is finished by a American Ian Baas, who distinguished a GT feat during Daytona in 2006. Car series “51” will be common by a dual Americans Matt Bell and Alex Figge and a Canadians David Empringham, John Farano and Dave Lacey.

“We’re in an superb position with this high-caliber motorist line-up,” Romolo Liebchen is convinced. “In terms of record a R8 GRAND-AM has duration turn as worldly and arguable as a GT3 version.”

R8 GRAND-AM with optimized technology

For a 2013 season, a Audi R8 GRAND-AM has been optimized in countless details. Optional flics during a front, movement of a front wheelhouses regulating louvers above a front wheels and a new back wing position have softened a car’s aerodynamic efficiency. To grasp a smallest weight prescribed by a regulations, Audi has serve extended a ultra lightweight pattern judgment for 2013. Carbon-fiber reinforced cosmetic (CFRP) doors are now also available in GRAND-AM racing. Specifically grown for a United States were spring-damper units with softer cessation rates and mutated check characteristics.

During a credentials of a competition cars for a 24-hour competition during Daytona, zero was left to chance. After a “Roar before a Rolex 24,” a final corner exam during Daytona, all 4 competition cars were prepared and brought adult to a latest technical turn together with a teams during Audi Sport patron racing’s bend in Indiana. During a race, Teams AJR, APR and RBR will be upheld by engineers and mechanics of quattro GmbH as well.

Audi R8 serves as gait car, record sales achieved in a United States

Audi of America is ancillary a 51st regulating of a continuation classical in several ways. Among other things, a prolongation chronicle of a Audi R8 will be used as a gait car. In a United States, Audi achieved new record sales for each singular month final year. Audi of America has increasing a patron bottom of a code with a 4 rings by around 50 percent over a past 5 years. Audi Sport patron racing is awaiting a U.S. business to grow as well.

Qualifying of a GT cars during Daytona is scheduled for Thursday (January 24) from 16:10 to 16:25 (local time, CET +6 hours). The competition will start on Saturday (January 26) during 15:30 internal time.

The Audi patron teams during Daytona

Audi R8 GRAND-AM #13 (Audi Sport patron racing/Rum Bum Racing)
Frank Biela (D)/Christopher Haase (D)/Matt Plumb (USA)/Markus Winkelhock (D)

Audi R8 GRAND-AM #24 (Audi Sport patron racing/Alex Job Racing)
Filipe Albuquerque (P)/Oliver Jarvis (GB)/Edoardo Mortara (I/F)/Dion von Moltke (USA)

Audi R8 GRAND-AM #51 (APR Motorsport)
Matt Bell (USA)/David Empringham (CDN)/John Farano (CDN)/Alex Figge (USA)/Dave Lacey (CDN)

Audi R8 GRAND-AM #52 (Audi Sport patron racing/APR Motorsport)
Ian Baas (USA)/Marc Basseng (D)/René Rast (D)/Frank Stippler (D)


Thursday, Jan 24
09:00 – 10:00  Free use 1
13:15 – 13:45  Free use 2
15:40 – 15:55  Qualifying (prototypes)
16:10 – 16:25  Qualifying (GT vehicles)
18:00 – 20:00  Free use 3

Friday, Jan 25
10:30 – 11:30  Free use 4

Saturday, Jan 26
15:30    Start

Sunday, Jan 27
15:30    Finish

– End –