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Audi motorist di Grassi about a new Formula E season: “Number one is extensive motivation”

Who are a favorites in a pretension competition this deteriorate from your indicate of view?
“That’s tough to answer in Formula E – generally before this season. we have really clever expectations of Renault and Mahindra. At a same time, we should have Virgin, Andretti and Jaguar on a radar as well. There are during slightest 5 or 6 teams in row for winning races. In addition, in André Lotterer, Edoardo Mortara and Kamui Kobayashi there’ll be some clever new drivers, so it’s near-impossible to make any predictions. The usually thing we can be certain of is that this will be a hardest fought deteriorate in Formula E story to date.”

What does contesting a deteriorate with array one displayed on your automobile meant to you?
“It’s a good feeling given it shows that we did a good pursuit final deteriorate and achieved something exceptional. You don’t get points for that in a new season, yet it’s extensive proclivity to give all again for success.”

Now that São Paulo, Brazil, is on a Formula E calendar we substantially don’t need to ask about your favorite competition …
“The competition in São Paulo creates a dream come loyal for me. The city is my home and my whole family and my friends are going to be during a race. Still, there are other cities we really most demeanour brazen to – such as Rome and Zurich. With new appealing competition locations and new manufacturers Formula E is experiencing a genuine bang during a moment. For me it’s already a second-most applicable racing array after Formula 1. It meets all a prerequisites for serve expansion in a future.”

In a few days, you’ll be roving to Hong Kong. How most are we looking brazen to a event?
“We’re looking brazen to a new Formula E deteriorate opener with outrageous anticipation. We worked tough in a final few months to put another automobile on a grid that’ll be in row for victory. The transition from an Audi-supported group to a bone-fide factory-backed joining was sparkling and went smoothly. Now we’re wishing for a good weekend in Hong Kong – preferably with as most success as a one we finished final deteriorate with.”

How did we spend a summer mangle given a Formula E deteriorate finale?
“Directly after a culmination in July, there were a lot of PR commitments that we wouldn’t report as work, though. It was good to see how good general seductiveness in Formula E and in a pretension win was. Shortly afterwards, a initial tests and a work with a engineers and in a simulator started. Particular highlights for me were a dual races we contested for Audi during a summer break: a legends competition in a Audi Sport TT Cup during Hockenheim and a appearance in a GT World Cup in Macau.”