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Audi motorist patrol stronger than ever before

“As distant as a group suggestion and aptness are endangered we can safely contend that we have a strongest motorist and group line ups that we can imagine,” epitomised Dr Ullrich following an intensely appreciative 8 day duration spent together in a Allgäu region. “As always we were greeted by ideal conditions during a Sonnenalp and used these to ready optimally for a special hurdles we design to face in this tough year 2009.”

This consists privately of a DTM pretension invulnerability with a serve grown Audi A4 DTM and a bureau entrance in a 24 Hours of Le Mans with a new R15 TDI diesel powered sportscar. Several of a 13 Audi bureau drivers are concerned in both projects, for others there are some-more tests on a bulletin than races in 2009.

For this reason, a theme “Team Building” was in crook concentration this year during a Winter Camp, that was before usually used for aptness training. “This time we integrated even some-more fun and games to bond a group even more,” explained Audi Team Doctor Christian John, who expertly supervised a Winter Camp and also, like each year, put a Audi bureau drivers’ aptness underneath a microscope. He was intensely confident with a results: “We’ve always had good lerned drivers. However, they arrived here in even improved condition this year. This means that their possess credentials functions excellently. It is also really appreciative that nothing of a drivers are fading.”

The sundry module started each day for a Audi drivers during 7.30 a.m. with stretching and aqua power. Afterwards a report alternated between balmy massages and group games like water-basketball and indoor football with cross-country skiing, weight training, practice to inspire coordination and training of a physique tools like a neck muscles and a arms that are quite stressed in motorsport.

The aptness of a drivers was also checked medically by Dr Christian John and his team. This enclosed an ECG stress-test with lactate dimensions and an hearing of a case and neck and shoulder muscles, that contingency be generally good lerned in a racing driver.

The crowning impulse of a week in a Allgäu was a snowshoe debate to a limit of a Ofterschwang Horns.

There was also a special warn for Mattias Ekström and Timo Scheider: The 2007 and 2008 DTM Champions were authorised to conduct out on a dogsled debate – that was a good knowledge for dog partner Mattias Ekström.

Test drives are especially on a module for a Audi drivers during a stirring weeks. The initial competition is a 12-hour competition during Sebring (USA) on 21 March. The DTM deteriorate usually starts on 17 May during a Hockenheimring.