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Audi e-tron Charging Service Goes On-Grid

The e-tron (combined electric appetite expenditure in kWh/100 km (62.1 mi)*: 26.2 – 22.6 (WLTP); 24.6 – 23.7 (NEFZ); CO2 emissions total in g/km (g/mi): 0) outlines a emergence of a new epoch for Audi. The code with a 4 rings is being remade from a classical automotive manufacturer into a reward mobility systems supplier. The Audi e-tron Charging Service is partial of a broad-based charity for charging and provides entrance to a open charging infrastructure in 16 European countries. The use will be rolled out in 8 additional markets in Eastern Europe over a march of a year. Audi’s charging label brings together some-more than 72,000 charging points operated by 220 providers. On longer journeys, Audi business can assign their cars during a high-power IONITY network charging terminals and advantage from special conditions. Additional HPC charging points operated by other providers turn off a e-tron Charging Service for long-distance journeys.

Freedom to choose: Two tariffs
To cover particular charging needs, a e-tron Charging Service offers dual opposite tariffs. The “City” tariff is directed essentially during civic commuters. It is accessible for a simple cost of €4.95 per month. For any charging process, business afterwards compensate €7.95 for AC charging (up to 22 kW) and €9.95 for DC charging (up to 50 kW), regardless of a charging generation and how most appetite is drawn.

For drivers who frequently transport long-distance, Audi recommends a “Transit” tariff. This costs €17.95 per month, nonetheless a one-year waiver of a simple cost is postulated for first-time Audi e-tron buyers. With a “Transit” tariff, business advantage from improved entrance conditions with HPC agreement partners such as IONITY, aloft charging capacities and shorter charging durations. The Audi e-tron is a initial series-production indication able of charging with adult to 150 kW during their HPC (high-power charging) stations. This means that a electric SUV is all set for a subsequent long-distance widen of a tour in approximately half an hour. And what’s more, a infancy of electricity in IONITY’s network is generated from immature sources.

* Prices stream for a German market; smallest term: 12 months. Due to a applicable legal calibration regulations, usually event prices in Germany are now possible.

Freedom to travel: Standardized prices abroad too
Standardized, country-specific prices meant that we can transport openly and simply but carrying to constantly review prices. Even when you’re pushing abroad, all we need is one agreement and we can assign your automobile in now 16 European countries. Audi business will always compensate a internal customary cost (based on charging speed) in whatever nation they are in — and but any additional roaming costs. Thus, a patron roving in a unfamiliar nation can assign their automobile during accurately a same cost as a internal user of a e-tron Charging Service.

myAudi app: Easy to use
The myAudi app or Audi navigation complement can assistance we to locate a nearest charging station. In serve to formulation your track and activating a charging points that it finds, a myAudi app can also tell we either or not a charging depot is now accessible for use. You can start a charging routine regulating your Audi charging label or a myAudi app. Identification and billing are achieved automatically in a background. The app also displays a stream assign standing of your car.

Contract: Easy and transparent 
To use a e-tron Charging Service, business need to register once on a myAudi portal and interpretation an particular charging contract. If necessary, your internal Audi partner can assistance we to activate your contract. All charging processes are automatically billed together during a finish of a month. You can use a myAudi portal or myAudi app to perspective your charging story and bills as good as conduct your agreement arrangements.

Partners: Groundbreaking collaboration 
Audi grown a e-tron Charging Service together with Volkswagen Financial Services AG. The partnership with Digital Charging Solutions GmbH has resulted in one of a biggest charging networks in Europe. “We are gay to offer a e-tron business a reward charging use with full network coverage and, together with a partners, to enhance a electric mobility ecosystem,” says Fermin Soneira, Audi’s conduct of Product Marketing.

Volkswagen Financial Services AG is obliged for serve expanding a charging service. 

“We are a clever partner for a Volkswagen Group’s brands. The e-tron Charging Service is an superb instance of how we are moulding a mutation toward tellurian mobility services,” says Gerald Künne, who heads a Mobility Unit of Volkswagen Financial Services.

The network coverage of a e-tron Charging Service is flourishing all a time, and a rollout in a serve 8 markets in Eastern Europe is now being prepared. For some-more information about a network and country-specific marketplace prices, visit