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Audi e-tron FE05 shines in record heat

Right from a outset, a new electric racing automobile featuring a Motor Generator Unit (MGU) grown jointly by Audi and record partner Schaeffler was a automobile to kick underneath unequivocally formidable conditions. Lucas di Grassi soon posted a fastest time in a initial giveaway use event on a new travel circuit in Santiago’s O’Higgins Park. Both drivers in a Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler organisation competent in a tip 6 for a Super Pole qualifying, where Lucas di Grassi managed to expostulate “the best lap” of his Formula E career. With an considerable domain of 0.526 seconds, a Brazilian distanced himself from a rest of a field.

Taking adult a competition from a third grid spot, teammate Daniel Abt cumulative third place in boiling temperatures of adult to 37 degrees Celsius in a shade during a circle of his Audi e-tron FE05, and so a initial lectern for a pretension defenders Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler in a 2018/2019 ABB FIA Formula E Championship season. Abt also warranted a additional indicate for a fastest competition lap.

“That was an impossibly tough race,” pronounced Abt. “It was intensely prohibited out there. But infrequently we usually have to stay cool, and that’s what we did today. This initial lectern of a deteriorate is unequivocally critical for a team. Our patrol works tough and some-more than deserves this result. We’ve underlined that we’re creation swell and are on a right track. And we’ll continue to fight.”

Due to a order infringement during a in-lap of a prior organisation qualifying, Lucas di Grassi was relegated from stick position to start from a behind of a grid. In a race, a Brazilian fought his approach adult a margin from twenty-second position on a grid into ninth place, usually to accept a time chastisement as a outcome of a collision, that threw him behind to twelfth.

“Today we saw many drivers creation mistakes in unequivocally tough conditions,” pronounced Allan McNish, Team Principal of Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler. “I’m unequivocally unapproachable of Daniel (Abt). After a clever subordinate opening underneath formidable conditions, he gathering a purify competition from start to finish and brought home a initial lectern outcome of a deteriorate for a team. A glorious job! Lucas (di Grassi) had to quarrel his approach behind adult from a unequivocally behind of a margin after his problem in subordinate and unfortunately didn’t measure any points this time.”