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Audi Environmental Foundation: starting vigilance for “Smart HOBOS” high-tech beehive

The world’s initial Smart HOBOS high-tech beehive adopts a totally new proceed to investigate into a function of sugar bees, that are increasingly in need of protection. The beehive is situated in a wooden cabin on Audi’s production site in Münchsmünster. There, a insects have a sincerely healthy sourroundings and can so openly build their home – as in a entirely healthy environment. A special pretence is that a drudge arm with 360 degrees of pivot transformation is commissioned in a same space. It is propitious with infrared and heat-sensitive cameras as good as 3D sensors to record a activity in and around a beehive, day and night. This will offer observers rare insights onto and into a honeycombs but unfortunate a bees. Thanks to state‑of‑the‑art technology, thermographic images can also be captured, permitting new perspectives of sold bees and a whole bee colony. In addition, ultramodern apparatus will guard outmost influences such as humidity, heat and light exposure. This will foster profitable conclusions about bees’ behavior. Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl, Chairman of a Board of Trustees of a Audi Environmental Foundation and Board of Management Member for Production during AUDI AG: “The Audi Environmental Foundation has been operative on a insurance of a involved sugar bee for many years. The Smart HOBOS investigate hire will now concede entrance to a materialisation of a sugar bee, also to propagandize students with an affinity to technology, and will lift their recognition of a subject.”

The high-tech beehive is a serve growth of a interactive HOBOS project of Würzburg bee consultant Prof. Dr. Jürgen Tautz. School students, university students of biology, investigate scientists and meddlesome persons worldwide will be means to observe a genuine beehive during any time around livestream, and will have entrance to a accessible data. This offers many possibilities for interactive training for educational institutions.

The Audi production site in Münchsmünster is an ideal plcae for a Smart HOBOS high-tech beehive, since Audi is creation sold efforts there for biological diversity. For example, a association has done open spaces on a plant site into near-natural habitats for countless class of plants and animals. This has resulted in meadows with a vast accumulation of flowers and other species, so providing optimal feeding drift for sugar bees and furious bees.

The Audi Environmental Foundation helps to foster a farrago of inlet and class and has upheld several bee projects since 2011. Its idea is to lift recognition of and kindle seductiveness in environmental issues, generally among children and immature people.

  • Last year, a Audi Environmental Foundation and Würzburg bee consultant Prof. Dr. Jürgen Tautz published a book “Research into a World of Bees” and a training element “Bee Research for Teaching MINT Subjects.”
  • Also final year, 26 schools in Bavaria were supposing with kits for starting bee investigate groups – a corner movement of a Foundation together with a Bavarian Regional Office for Viniculture and Horticulture.
  • In a approach closeness of a Audi plant in Ingolstadt, a home for eight bee colonies was determined in a Max Emanuel Park in team-work with two beekeeper associations. Two Audi employees and hobby beekeepers are holding caring of some-more than 400,000 honey bees there.

Further information on a HOBOS project is accessible online during As of early summer 2016, meddlesome persons will be means to observe a bees in a Smart HOBOS beehive, also during

Photographs of a opening event are accessible as of 4 p.m. during