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Audi expands sell inducement to a whole of Germany

AUDI AG is expanding a sell reward to a whole of Germany for business who switch from their prior diesel cars with a Euro 4 or Euro 5 emissions customary to an Audi with a Euro 6 standard. Until now, a offer was usually accessible to business in cities with quite complete pollution, as identified by a German government. The cost inducement is staggered depending on a indication and ranges from €2,000 to €9,000 for a several automobile categories. For immature used cars, a inducement is 75 percent of a volume for an homogeneous new car. As of Jan 23, business will be means to explain a national sell inducement by their Audi dealership. The offer is current until Apr 30, 2019.

Alternatively, each motorist of a diesel automobile with a Euro 1 to Euro 4 emissions customary can advantage from a environmental inducement during Audi. A patron who decides on a new Audi with a Euro 6 standard, advantages from a cost inducement of adult to €10,000, depending on a model. This offer is current until revoked and is accessible via Germany. The customer’s aged automobile will be deregistered and scrapped.

Questions on a conditions of a sell and environmental incentives will be answered by a Audi Customer Service (E-mail: [email protected]).