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Audi expands reward mobility charity in Europe: Audi on direct starts in Spain

With Audi on direct in Barcelona, business name their preferred Audi from a operation of current models, book it online on and collect it adult from a retailer “Superwagen Sant Cugat.” The engagement duration is between one hour and 28 days.

The Spanish Audi partner is so following a instance of 8 dealerships in a United Kingdom. Last year, they integrated a digital use into their business operations for a first time. “Our practice in a UK have been excellent. We are therefore looking brazen to the roll-out of this product in another European market”, settled Bettina Bernhardt, Manager of Audi Business Innovation (ABI) GmbH. “This will open adult serve sources of income and a completely new digital business shred for a retailers.” With Audi on demand, dealerships gain additional patron groups and sales opportunities, implement their possess car fleets more efficiently and boost their coherence by used-car marketing. Payment depends, among other things, on a series of bookings and patron satisfaction. 

Audi is compelling a formation of Audi on direct into a sell business and is charity its partner companies’ extensive support. The all-round package includes a growth of the IT infrastructure and selling support, as good as a investiture of operational processes. In addition, during a march of a year, business will be means to entrance a entire Audi on direct swift in Europe with only one online registration. The association continues to expand Audi on direct worldwide.