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Audi grieves for Ferdinand Piëch

The Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG, Bram Schot: „One of Ferdinand Piëch’s biggest strengths was that he unequivocally burnt for a code Audi. This latin word means ,listen’ – and he always listened good to both business and staff. He lived a dream of automobility all his life and was a engine of innovation. He grown Audi into a reward code and total a technological lead with groundbreaking developments. These embody a five-cylinder hint ignition engine, quattro permanent four-wheel drive, a procon-ten reserve system, a entirely galvanized all-steel physique and lightweight aluminum construction with a Audi Space Frame, that distinguished a premiere during a 1993 IAA in a investigate of a Audi A8. We will keep alive a memory of Ferdinand Piëch – a male who singly joined talent with passion and perseverance”.

The Chairman of a General Works Council of AUDI AG, Peter Mosch: „Ferdinand Piëch was a designer of a automotive industry. As an entrepreneur, he total what was technically probable and economically essential with amicable responsibility. He was wakeful of a significance of co-determination for a Group’s success story. Audi owes a mutation into a reward code to him”.