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Audi guesting during a Pinakothek der Moderne

Die Neue Sammlung, a pattern museum located within a Pinakothek der Moderne, and Audi, a automobile manufacturer that is a essence of good design, are open to experiments. Following a successful muster “Design Icons” staged by Die Neue Sammlung during a Audi Forum Neckarsulm, from Sep Audi will be guesting in a Pinakothek der Moderne with a wall installation. The designation called a Audi pattern wall will form partial of a Permanent Collection of Die Neue Sammlung for during slightest 5 years.

Aluminum is a summary of levity and stability. Audi has been closely compared with aluminum imagination in a automotive engineering margin for many years. For a Audi installation, around 1,800 models of a mythological Ur-quattro form an “aluminum carpet”. Each of a models, weighing around 860 grams, were cut divided from a seven-kilogram retard of aluminum. The destiny of a Audi code rises adult from foundations shaped of these aluminum Ur-quattros. The sculpture evoking a Audi Sport quattro judgment soars adult vertically. The uncover automobile translates quattro record and a tradition in motorsport into a unconventional grave idiom. A counterpart dangling on a roof allows visitors to try a designation from an surprising perspective. “The Audi pattern wall visualizes a overpass between a past and a destiny of a brand,” explained Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, AUDI AG Member of a Board of Management for Technical Development. “The common thread is quattro technology, that defines Audi some-more than any other.” The work was devised by a Audi Design group privately for this room in a Pinakothek der Moderne. “We combined a Audi pattern wall with a passion of an artist and exercised limit pointing in visualizing a core record of quattro,” commented Hackenberg in describing a evolution. The thought for a vaunt itself came from an inner foe among Audi designers. The plea was to come adult with an intent that communicates with a onlooker. The Audi pattern wall is also manifest to passers-by outward a museum.

The muster intent papers a complete partnership between dual partners from a worlds of attention and culture. “As a design-oriented carmaker, Audi is an ideal partner for Die Neue Sammlung. We devise to continue infusing a partnership with life over a entrance years,” announced Prof. Dr. Florian Hufnagl, Director of Die Neue Sammlung. The museum, that non-stop in 1925 and now has a collection of over 80,000 objects, ranks as a oldest and largest pattern museum in a world.

The indication that desirous a runner exhibit, a Ur-quattro, is in itself a legend. Since 1980, when a initial Audi quattro was denounced to a open during a Geneva Motor Show, permanent all-wheel expostulate has emerged as a core automotive technology. quattro stands for safety, energy and sportiness – so ideally symbolizing a Audi brand. No creation has had a larger infirm impact on a carmaker than quattro.

After a reopening of a Pinakothek der Moderne on Sep 14, 2013 a initial Kunstareal Festival will take place in a drift of a Pinakothek museums on Sep 15, 2013, holding “Encounters. Kunstareal Munich” as a motto. As one of a festival’s supporters, Audi will be presenting pattern in a approach that is privately tailored to children. Children will be means to learn pattern on a paper follow holding them by a bedrooms of Die Neue Sammlung, and in a pattern seminar hosted by Audi. At a workshop, a children will have a possibility to emanate tiny models, in a routine gaining an discernment into a work of Audi’s designers and indication makers.