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Audi Hungaria celebrates start of prolongation in new vehicle factory

“With a enlargement of a plant in Hungary, Audi Hungaria has grown into an critical post of a worldwide prolongation network,” settled Audi CEO Rupert Stadler. “We are so consistently posterior a enlargement plan and strengthening a general competitiveness.”

Audi Hungaria is celebrating a 20th anniversary this year. Since it was determined in 1993, a association has grown into a world’s biggest engine writer and reserve a brands of a whole Volkswagen Group. The public of a Audi TT was combined to engine prolongation in 1998. In and with a plant in Ingolstadt, a plant also produces a models Audi TT Coupe and TT Roadster as good as a Audi A3 Cabriolet and a RS 3 Sportback. In a new, stretched vehicle plant, a Audi A3 Sedan will also hurl off a public lines with evident effect. This means that for a initial time, an Audi will be totally made in Hungary. In a future, Audi will furnish a sum of 125,000 automobiles in Győr any year.

With a A3 Sedan, Audi is introducing a new judgment in a reward compress class, one of a world’s fastest-growing vehicle segments. Demand is augmenting neatly in this shred in vital enlargement markets such as a United States and China. The A3 Sedan will be launched in those countries in a open of 2014, and will be accessible from European dealerships as of this autumn. Advance sales began in Germany a few days ago. The energetic four-door has all a strengths of a A3 indication range: low weight interjection to lightweight construction, clever and rarely fit engines, as good as countless high-end systems for infotainment and motorist assistance.

Audi Hungaria has combined 2,100 additional jobs as a outcome of a plant expansion. The new employees are being lerned locally during a specifically built plan and training center. In addition, Audi is scheming learned crew for their tasks in Győr during a German plants in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm and during a general Volkswagen sites. Meanwhile, a workforce in Hungary has grown to some-more than 9,000 employees. “With Győr as a initial Audi plant outward Germany, a Group took an critical step to internationalize a code 20 years ago. The growth of worker numbers during all sites proves that this preference was right, and we will concur even some-more closely with a colleagues of Audi Hungaria in a future,” emphasized a Chairman of Audi’s Group Works Council, Peter Mosch, in his speech.

Resource potency and insurance of a sourroundings are during a concentration of a new vehicle factory. To these ends, Audi is requesting future-oriented technologies such as dry subdivision with atmosphere dissemination in a paint shop. This reduces a volume of atmosphere to be processed, ensuing in a rebate in appetite mandate of 50 percent compared with required soppy separation. An additional complement for waste-air catharsis allows well-off emissions to be reduced by some-more than 70 percent. In addition, a prolongation plant is versed with fit and ergonomic machinery. The line in a press emporium is an example, where some of a appetite used in a prolongation of pulpy tools is recovered and helps to preserve resources. In a public area, operation of a machine has been ergonomically optimized for a employees with a focus of height-adjustable circuit systems.

With a new plant, a sum building space of Audi Hungaria has increasing to approximately 4 million block meters. Since a association was founded, Audi has invested a sum of €5.7 billion in a site in Győr. Audi is Hungary’s biggest unfamiliar financier and so contributes significantly to a growth of a Hungarian economy.