Audi Canada

Audi keynote residence during International CES Asia

“The world’s many critical wiring trade uncover is now being hold in a largest Audi marketplace for a initial time. It is healthy for us to uncover a clever participation here,” says Rupert Stadler, Board Member of AUDI AG. “That is because, only as a Asian markets will play a essential purpose in a destiny of a automobile, so too will electronic systems.”

Since 2008, an general Audi group formed in Beijing has been operative on solutions for country-specific vehicle requirements. In 2013, Audi non-stop a possess growth core in China’s capital. “A accurate believe of internal conditions is a pivotal cause in creation a technical innovations a success in a many critical general market,” says Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member for Development. “Our engineers in China are operative on such aspects as framework tuning, assistance systems and user interfaces as good as localization of high-voltage battery components.” In addition, Audi is building Asia-specific infotainment and connectivity facilities in Beijing.

“The success story of Audi in China is transparent explanation that those who are tighten to a patron will advantage over a prolonged tenure – they are improved means know a markets and give figure to trends,” says Luca de Meo, Board Member for Marketing and Sales. “In arriving years, we wish to position a business to be even some-more general and rise innovative, regionally blending mobility solutions for a business and mega-cities of tomorrow.”