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Audi launches Vocational Training 2.0

In introducing a “mobile learning” concept, Audi is not usually compelling particular shortcoming and creativity among immature people, though is also focusing really privately on IT and media competence. Apprentices can entrance a knowledge base when they need it, eccentric of time or place. Learning occurs away or in tiny training groups – networked internationally and eccentric of their locations. The commander proviso of a plan has already shown that a new judgment boosts proclivity and training success among apprentices. “We are holding wholly new approaches with these rarely advanced, fit and sparkling training and training methods. Today we are already building adult a tellurian apparatus foundations for a digital future,” says Thomas Sigi, Board Member for Human Resources and Labor Director during AUDI AG. “We will be evenly expanding this form of Vocational Training 2.0 for ‘Generation Z’.”

504 young people will start their careers during a company’s domicile in Ingolstadt, and 248 will start during a Neckarsulm prolongation location. The infancy of a new apprentices, a sum of 704 young people, are training a blurb or technical trade. 48 new employees are participating in blurb training. The share of women continues to grow, and this year it is 30 percent. In addition, 21 high propagandize graduates are starting work in Ingolstadt as partial of a StEP (“Study and Experience in Practice”) program. Within 5 years, they will have finished their career training and performed a Bachelor’s grade in engineering during a Technical University of Ingolstadt. In Neckarsulm, 18 young people are starting a twin Bachelor’s program, in that they swap between fanciful classwork during a Baden‑Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) and phases of work use during Audi.

Peter Mosch, Chairman of a General Works Council of AUDI AG, says: “Our new apprentices are essential to a future. Especially in these times of digitalization, it is critical to give a immature people new believe and skills for their career paths, so that a colleagues of a destiny will be means to control a machines rather than a other approach around.”

A sum of around 10,000 young people practical for apprenticeships during Audi this year. “We are gratified with a high series of applicants; it shows a lure of training during Audi,” says Dieter Omert, Head of Vocational Training and Specialist Competence Development. “We are ceaselessly bettering a latest training methods to destiny requirements, so that we can ready immature people in a best probable approach for their careers.” Audi guarantees all apprentices full‑time practice after successfully completing their examinations.

Starting in 2016, Audi will be augmenting a series of tutelage positions during a German prolongation sites by around 10.5 percent. The association is seeking additional immature employees, generally in a vocational areas of mechatronics, IT and physique and car manufacturing. Last notation field can still request for a 2016 training year. The focus deadline for a Neckarsulm site is on September 13, and for Ingolstadt it is September 25. Applications can be submitted online at: