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Audi MediaTV off to a Great Start

Ingolstadt, 2013-03-28

Audi MediaTV off to a Great Start

  • Audi video content: from A to Z and 24/7
  • Audi MediaTV is a one-stop source for media pros: news, events and universe premieres

Audi Communications has launched a new online channel, Audi MediaTV, with an disdainful hide preview of a A3 sedan. Audi MediaServices will so supply a different array of relocating images that reporters and bloggers can implement or even incorporate directly within their websites and blogs.

Audi MediaTV grants approach entrance to live streams as good as video calm on a latest technologies and products of a AUDI AG. Content is streamed worldwide around Audi MediaTV at

People can watch Audi MediaTV on any mobile depot device. Moreover, reporters can hide a MediaTV actor in their websites – giveaway of assign and copyright-free. It is further a go-to source for information on arriving events and broadcasts shown live usually around Audi MediaTV. The Audi Communications news channel, Audi MediaTV is accessible usually in English.