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Audi México on lane for growth

Together with Board of Management Member for Production Dr. Frank Dreves and Governor of Puebla Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas, Audi’s Board of Management Member for Human Resources Thomas Sigi has been anticipating out about a project’s swell on a spot. “We are rarely tender by a construction swell and a high proclivity of a employees during a new site,” settled Sigi. Audi’s corporate idea of being “an appealing employer worldwide” relates of march also during a new plant in Mexico: “In a new plant, we will offer endless possibilities for serve training, medical caring of a top standards, glorious catering and complicated convey lines between a surrounding ride nodes and a plant,” continued Sigi.

Mattias Rust, Head of Human Resources for a Mexico project, supposing an discernment into crew growth and gift concepts for a destiny group of Audi México during a press discussion today. The new wage-tariff agreements are among a best in a country, explained Rust: “One critical member is a agreement on an particular working-time account, permitting hours worked to be offset.” Rust also supposing information on a stream conditions with a construction of a new training center. The building will be one of a initial to open on a plant premises. Among other functions, a core will be used to sight a Mexican apprentices. Audi already started a twin complement of preparation and training according to a German indication during a Institute for Professional Training of Volkswagen de México in summer 2013, when 64 apprentices started their operative lives. At a finish of Feb this year, another 46 immature people will follow. In parallel, Mexican instructors and learned workers are undergoing training during a categorical Audi plants in Germany. At present, Audi is training 140 Mexican employees in Germany.

“We are really confident with a swell done in a area of training,” continued Rust. “Audi is formulating tailored courses for a immature Mexican staff members.” Audi México offers immature university graduates a new grant program, for example. Up to 20 engineering students can lift out partial of their studies in Germany. The focus portal for a module – “Estudiantes Méxicanos en Alemania” – is still open during

What is now a many present Audi plant in a universe is fast flourishing – and with it a Audi family: By a finish of a year, 1,000 Mexican employees will be on board. “We feel acquire here,” epitomised Board of Management Member for Human Resources Thomas Sigi. “Together with a new Audi people, we will enthusiastically follow a ‘Audi in Mexico’ path.” In total, a workforce of Audi México will grow to 3,800 employees by 2016. There is huge internal seductiveness in operative for Audi: So far, some-more than 30,000 Mexicans have practical for jobs during a plant.