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Audi many successful reward code in all-wheel expostulate segment

Audi once again sole some-more automobiles with all-wheel expostulate than any other reward manufacturer. The code with a 4 rings constructed 437,792 vehicles with quattro expostulate final year. In a year in that Audi distinguished 30 years of quattro, around 38 percent of all cars constructed worldwide were versed with a all-wheel expostulate technology. With 74,262 new automobile registrations for all-wheel expostulate models, Audi also surfaced a foe in Germany.

The many renouned Audi indication with quattro expostulate in 2010 was a Audi Q5, 155,025 units of that were built. In a months ahead, a code will serve enhance a all-wheel expostulate lineup in a SUV shred with a Audi Q5 hybrid quattro and a compress Q3. But it is not only SUV drivers who are branch to quattro; a all-wheel expostulate record is a renouned choice of Audi business for all other indication lines as well. From a Audi A3 to a A8, scarcely one entertain of a automobiles constructed in 2010 had quattro on board.

quattro is one of a Audi brands biggest success stories, and currently we are essay what might good be a many sparkling chapter, says Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of a Board of Management for Marketing and Sales during AUDI AG. As we pierce down a highway toward electric mobility, we see wholly new possibilities for quattro technology. The electric quattro of a destiny will be even some-more agile, safer and above all some-more efficient, adds Schwarzenbauer.

Audi business currently can select from some-more than 130 quattro indication variants, holding all a opposite physique types, engine versions and delivery options into account. Audi so offers by distant a widest operation of all-wheel expostulate models in a reward segment. There are also a series of technical solutions for delivering energy to all 4 wheels. Behind a successful quattro element are 4 opposite technologies, that Audi is constantly enlightening in sequence to build a ideal all-wheel expostulate complement for any car concept. The latest evolutionary theatre of a quattro complement featuring a crown-gear core differential and torque vectoring is accessible in a Audi RS 5, A7 Sportback and a new A6.

The quattro expostulate complement also available nonetheless another success in a voting for a 2011 All-wheel Drive Car of a Year. As in 2010, some-more than 119,000 readers of a trade biography Auto Bild Allrad chose a Audi A4 (All-wheel expostulate cars from 25,000 to 40,000) and a A8 (All-wheel expostulate cars over 40,000) as a winners of their particular classes. This outlines a sixth year in a quarrel that Audi has had dual winners in this competition. Three second-place finishes turn out a brands superb formula this year. The readers of Auto Bild Allrad had a sum of 136 vehicles in 9 categories from that to choose. Dr. Hans-Peter Kleebinder, Head of Marketing Germany, supposed a desired awards on interest of Audi in Frankfurt this evening.


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