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Audi networks with trade lights in Europe

“Stop-and-go trade in cities is annoying. By contrast, we are gratified when we have a “green wave” – though we locate them distant too seldom, unfortunately. With a Traffic Light Information function, drivers are some-more in control. They expostulate some-more well and are some-more loose since they know 250 meters forward of a trade light either they will locate it on green,” says Andre Hainzlmaier, conduct of Development of Apps, Connected Services and Smart City during Audi. “In a future, anonymized information from a cars can assistance to switch trade lights in cities to improved phases and to optimize a trade flow.”

In a USA, Audi business have been regulating a “Time-to-Green” duty for dual years: if a motorist will strech a lights on red, a countdown in a Audi practical cockpit or head-up arrangement depends a seconds to a subsequent immature phase. This use is now accessible during some-more than 5,000 intersections in a USA, for instance in cities including Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland and Washington D.C. In a US collateral alone, about 1,000 intersections are related to a Traffic Light Information function.

Since Feb Audi has offering a serve duty in North America. The purpose of this is generally to capacitate pushing on a “green wave”. “Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory” (GLOSA) shows to a motorist in the ideal speed for reaching a subsequent trade light on green.

Both Time-to-Green and GLOSA will be activated for a start of operation in Ingolstadt in comparison Audi models. These embody all Audi e-tron models and a A4, A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q7 and Q8 to be constructed from mid-July (“model year 2020”). The exigency is a “Audi bond Navigation Infotainment” package and a discretionary “camera-based trade pointer recognition”.

Why is this duty apropos accessible in Europe dual years after than in a USA?
“The hurdles for a sequence introduction of a use are many larger here than, for example, in a USA, where civic trade light systems were designed over a vast area and uniformly. In Europe, by contrast, a trade infrastructure has grown some-more locally and decentrally – with a good accumulation of trade technology,” explains Hainzlmaier. “How quick other cities are connected to this record depends above all on either information standards and interfaces get determined and cities digitalize their trade lights.”

On this project, Audi is operative with Traffic Technology Services (TTS). TTS prepares a tender information from city trade government centers and transmits them to a Audi servers. From here, a information reaches a automobile around a quick Internet connection.

Audi is operative to offer Traffic Light Information in serve cities in Germany, Europe, Canada and a USA in a entrance years. In a vast easterly Chinese city of Wuxi, Audi and partners are contrast networks between cars and trade light systems in a context of a growth project.

In future, Audi business might be means to advantage from additional functions, for instance when “green waves” are incorporated into a ideal track planning. It is also fathomable that Audi e-tron models, when cruising adult to a red trade light, will make increasing used of braking appetite in sequence to assign their batteries. Coupled with predictive adaptive journey control (pACC), a cars could even stop automatically during red lights.

In a prolonged term, civic trade will benefit. When cars send anonymized information to a city, for example, trade signals could work some-more flexibly. Every motorist knows a following situation: in a dusk we wait during a red light – while no other automobile is to be seen distant and wide. Networked trade lights would afterwards conflict according to demand. Drivers of other automotive brands will also distinction from a growth work that Audi is carrying out with Traffic Light Information – good news for cities, that are contingent on a anonymized information of vast fleets to grasp a many fit trade management.

In future, V2I technologies like Traffic Light Information will promote programmed driving. “A city is one of a many formidable environments for an unconstrained car. Nevertheless, a car has to be means to hoop a situation, even in sleet and snow. Data sell with a trade infrastructure can be rarely applicable here,” says Hainzlmaier.