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Audi-O-Rama: discussion on a destiny of music

Participants attempted to offer a prophesy for song of a destiny during supposed “Big Talks,” that were followed by rounds of questions and answers. The commander eventuality for a format, that will be hold each dual years, was directed during examining several elements of a song industry. Participants discussed new sales channels and song markets as good as choice approaches to listening. They also examined a attribute between song and a code with a 4 rings.

Giovanni Perosino, Head of Marketing Communication during AUDI AG, remarked alongside a event: “At this eventuality we are deliberating a parallels between song and a automotive attention in sequence to find out what a destiny will bring. And we are ancillary discourse between on-going minds, record pioneers and innovators in a song business. This form of impasse in a humanities has been an essential partial of a Audi ArtExperience for some-more than 50 years.”

Along with Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michel Jarre and Andrew Fletcher, writer Daniel Miller and opening artist Laurie Anderson also participated in a discussions. People participating as multipliers enclosed Sean Adams, Howie B., Adam Harper, Mathias Munk Modica and Roderich Fabian. The discussion formula including transcripts of a “Big Talks” will be published in open 2016. Anyone meddlesome in grouping a duplicate might do so by promulgation an e-mail to [email protected], while reserve last.