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Audi posts expansion in deliveries, income and gain for a initial 3 quarters

The Audi Group is surpassing evenly along a enlargement path: In a initial 9 months of this year, a association augmenting deliveries of a core code by 3.8 percent. From Jan by September, some-more than 1.3 million business perceived an vehicle with a Four Rings. Revenue augmenting to €43.7 billion and handling distinction rose to €4.0 billion. The handling lapse on sales for a initial 3 buliding of a year was 9.2 percent.

At a proclamation of a halt formula for a third quarter, Rupert Stadler, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG, stated: “We are stability along a enlargement path.” He believes that a company’s opening in a initial 9 months of this year proves that a Audi Group’s plan is profitable off. “We are augmenting a deliveries, expanding a general prolongation network, defence jobs and indeed stability to partisan some-more employees.” In 2016, Audi will also put a totally new prolongation plant into operation in San José Chiapa, Mexico.

Axel Strotbek, Member of a Board of Management of AUDI AG for Finance and Organization, commented on a initial 9 months of this year: “Audi achieved good gain in a severe sourroundings notwithstanding high levels of allege expenditure.” Following a successful start of a new reward SUV, a Audi Q7, a association will now move a subsequent era of a bestseller, a new Audi A4 and A4 Avant, into a dealerships, so stability a success story of a Ingolstadt-based vehicle manufacturer.

In a initial 9 months of this year, a association delivered 1,347,972 automobiles of a Audi code to business – a and of 3.8 percent (2014: 1,298,638). The Audi Group achieved sum income for a duration of €43,695 million (Q1-Q3 2014: €39,300 million). Revenue was increasing in sold by clever direct for SUV models as good as by enlargement in North America and Western Europe.

The Audi Group’s handling distinction for a duration of Jan by Sep augmenting by 5.0 percent to €4,024 million (Q1-Q3 2014: €3,831 million), essentially due to a certain expansion of deliveries. Earnings were negatively impacted by serve increases in allege output for new models and innovative technologies and a ongoing enlargement of a worldwide prolongation network. The handling lapse on sales for a initial 9 months is 9.2 percent (Q1-Q3 2014: 9.7 percent).

In a initial 3 buliding of this year, a Audi Group achieved distinction before taxation of €4,249 million (Q1-Q3 2014: €4,568 million), ensuing in a lapse on sales before taxation of 9.7 percent (Q1-Q3 2014: 11.6 percent). Net distinction volume to €3,284 million (Q1-Q3 2014: €3,435 million).

From Jul by Sep 2015, a code with a 4 rings delivered 445,642 automobiles to business (Q3 2014: 429,281). The Audi Group achieved third-quarter income of €13,911 million (Q3 2014: €12,610 million) and an handling distinction of €1,110 million (Q3 2014: €1,160 million). In further to investing in new general prolongation facilities, a association is also scheming countless era changes for critical models and markets, homogeneous to approximately 40 percent of worldwide section sales. Against this backdrop, a handling lapse on sales for a third entertain was 8.0 percent (Q3 2014: 9.2 percent).

In full-year 2015, a association skeleton to broach some-more automobiles of a Audi code than in a prior year. The targeted volume enlargement will outcome in aloft income for a Audi Group. Furthermore, a association once again aims to grasp an handling lapse on sales within a vital aim mezzanine of 8 to 10 percent.